Hey readers, I’m back with a new article which will help you to Greet your Readers on Right Time with Right Animation! In this article, I’ll be talking about a Plugin developed by IQubex itself and therefore, you are free to express your talks towards the plugin and I may help you out! πŸ™‚

Before I start, I would like to ask you a simple thing. Do you get pleased if a website greets you with Popup or Animations? Have you then ever thought about “How you can please your readers in the same way“? If yes, be attentive when you read this article because I gonna introduce you a Free WordPress Plugin which Shows Festival Animations on a Web Page on right time when Festival Starts and the animation disappears automatically after the Festival gets over. With the consideration that the next update of this plugin will enable you to Greet all your Blog Subscribers through Mail! Be sure you wait for it.

Greeting is something which gives receiver a Value.

How does this Plugin Work?

If I need to explain you simply, then I would say it like, it works by a Simple Shortcode. I think its better if I talked more technically, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰ Actually, the animation will appear where you’ll place that shortcode. The most amazing thing is, Shortcode is very handy to use so that you may now show animations literally everywhere in the Theme! You may also use your CSS codes and style the animation according to you and you may also use other scripts on it. So, overall you may also say that this plugin is TOTALLY CUSTOMIZE-ABLE! πŸ˜€

Here’s how IQubex used this plugin to greet you!

Happy Holi FestGreet

Here’s how IQubex greeted you Happy Holi on 12th of March to 19th of March through GIF animation on top of the Menu.

Not only there, you may paste the shortcode anywhere and there the animation will appear. Here, I have also added some CSS styles to the animation to make it stand there. In the same way, the plugin has set the usage up to you. You will also get an Email support to place the FestGreet at the right place for FREE. πŸ™‚

Secondly, I would like calling this plugin a “A Premium Modern programme which enables users to express deep, gracious happy celebrative mood on website. It takes up look according to the festivals which occur!” πŸ˜‰

Here’s the Step by Step Demonstration of the Plugin!

How to add a FestGreet?

As soon as you activate the plugin, you’ll see a new slot in the Admin Menu, named ‘FestGreets‘. Just hover your mouse their and you’ll see some options.

FestGreets Plugin Dropdown

Here’s what you see after the plugin activation.

Then, click ‘Add New FestGreet‘ to greet your readers. Then you’ll see such a window πŸ™‚

Add New FestGreet Window

Here’s the place where you need to add brief info about your FestGreet.

Then after, Enter the Title of FestGreet. This will be seen when an user will hover your FestGreet element on his website.

Then you need to fill out session details in the box below. The first field is ‘Session Start Date‘. This date will be the date when animations need to start appearing on FrontEnd of website. The second field is ‘Session End Date‘. This date will be the time when animations will stop appearing when the Festival gets over. πŸ˜‰

FestGreet cover Image

Here’s the most important part! The Cover Image!


Now comes the most important element… FestGreet Cover Image! This image may be anything. Most probably, you’re recommended to put a GIF to greet your users with animation. Or else, a JPG or PNG would also work fine. We recommend you to upload a GIF image that’s transparent which won’t create a patch on your website. Secondly, be sure you upload an image relevant to the festival!

And then… PUBLISH! πŸ™‚

😳 Oh! Finally, there’s only one thing you need to wait for. You need to let WordPress know where to display the animation. For that work, we have created for you a shortcode! You just need to place a shortcode given in help page. Then you’re done! Wherever you place the shortcode, in Widgets or in a Single Page or Post, it will be divine to appear there. Be sure you experiment for the work of Width and Height of the FestGreet because the dimensions may differ due to wrong input. πŸ™ Anyways, the 400px height and width works with 97% themes in the market.

Remember*: We have made special provision if you want the FestGreet to be added in lines of code anywhere in WordPress. If you want to do so, be sure you write the code snippet given instead of shortcode. πŸ™‚

We hope this was pretty sufficient illustration. You’ll be provided more brief information in the WordPress Admin itself in the Help Page within the plugin.

FestGreets Plugin Help Page

Not only here, but also there.. You’ll be provided with support guidelines and the shortcode with code snippet so that you won’t need to come on this page again and again!

The precious Email Support!

All upon those features, there’s one more important thing, and that’s our valuable Support! You may just drop us a mail about your problem and we will be always on to help you out with good explanation within 48 hours. Our Email ID will be given on the Help Page after you install and activate the plugin. πŸ™‚

Now, I can speak out that YOU KNOW THIS PLUGIN VERY WELL. Now the only thing to do is Install and Activate the Plugin on your WordPress website and go forward to greet your readers with gratitude! Be sure you put your actual experience in the review section on WordPress or you may simply rate this plugin below!



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