Hello guys, welcome to another fresh read where you’re going to know What’s that I’m feeling lucky button you see on Google! Do you still remember the Google homepage? If yes, you would probably not miss that I’m feeling lucky button beside the Search button.

Google homepage

Can you see that Lucky button, Just beside the Google search? If yes, get ready to know what’s that!

Seems like Google does everything true. Isn’t it? So, does it mean that you’ll get lucky after clicking that button, like the fellows below?

[millioneyez missionid=”58e0e51b9cca2a9a191b0d1f”][/millioneyez]

Okay, hope so. But you would obviously not feel that lucky. ๐Ÿ™ For being such lucky, you need hard work and patience but not the Google click. Got it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Though, you may surely try clicking it once and surprisingly, you’ll be taken to Google Doodles page! What useful is that to you? โ“ Not so, but still you may enjoy playing with those Flash Doodle games!

Anyways, you’re reading this article to know what’s I’m feeling lucky button and not a rubbish talk, so now let us come on to the point!

What’s “I’m feeling lucky”?

If we can have a technical talk I would probably not miss saying that this button would redirect you to the best ever search result which triggers your query! What? ๐Ÿ˜ณ Does it mean that you won’t need to see those fleshy ads and waste your time finding the best one? Yes, I mean the same but don’t get your mind up to the top because you’re going to know a bad thing in next few seconds. ๐Ÿ™

Though, you must not be thorough about that button. For eg. If I searched for “Great Deeds of Curiosity Rover” on internet, my article.. triggers first! Thus, when you click the I’m feeling lucky button, you won’t be shown search results, but instead you’ll be redirected directly on my article!

Sounds interesting? But unfortunately, this feature is removed! ๐Ÿ™ Why Google? What was wrong with it? โ“

How and When did Google removed this feature?

If you remember, Google has changed many things these years and may be you get shocked seeing upcoming changes. But, How did Google removed that feature? Simply, I’ll say that they tricked you with their program!

How? You may be wondering that why you still see that button saying that cute phrase. If you don’t believe, visit the homepage yourself and see whether you can get that button or not. I say, you would get it. But, how is that featured removed?

Finally, on the point.. When you type something in Google search bar, right when the first word gets printed, both the buttons below get disappeared! Just like you see below:

Google Instant

Just when you type, the button disappears! So, how can you feel lucky?

Thus, if the button disappears, you won’t be able to search your query by the I’m feeling lucky criteria. If you felt that you’re smart enough, you may have tried clicking that button before typing, but still what you see is this silly page:

The official Google Doodles Page

Do you get lucky when you see this? Obviously no!

So, overall we can say that the Google users are just tricked! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Morever, that feature was removed on Google’s happy day, that is, their 18th birthday. Now keep counting ‘when’ by the founding date and their 18 years!

If you’re still not clear about that feature, you really need to invest your time watching this:

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Why did Google trashed, ditched and Canned that feature?

Whenever, you look for some stuff on Google, most of the times you would be seeing those Ads with green square. Something like mentioned below:

Google Ads Page

Can you see that KhanAcademy’s Ad there? Right on the top? [Nothing Sponsored]

If you stare at those ads, you’ll surely know that they are sponsored from Google Adwords campaign. When you click such Ads, the Advertiser is charged for $0.2-0.3. That means, for every such click you make, Google earns money. And when billions click… You know what Google becomes. ๐Ÿ™‚ But just imagine what if that lucky button just redirected you to the website which triggered first for your query.What does it mean? ZERO ADS AND NO MONEY.

A research by Marisa Mayor told that I’m feeling lucky button costs $100Million! And that’s a pretty big number to change someone’s life. It also stated that 1% of Google’s users made use of Lucky button. And those 1% people were able to gift Google a $100M and nothings more interesting fact than that.

So, that button is not in use now. ๐Ÿ™ No worries, that button is still alive but not in the way you expect it to be. You’ll be knowing about how it exists, just when you read below.

Why is it still available on the Google Homepage?

It’s simple. You would probably not like to miss a thing which has a great bond with you. In the same way, that button stayed with Google right from the time when Google was launched, for its remembrance, I recommend you watching this old Google:

Old Google

I hope you remembered 2010 now!

And in such circumstances, Google thought to bring more traffic to the Google Doodles Page. And thus, now you’re redirected to it without searching any query!

So, I hope this article fed your mind about that I’m feeling lucky mystery of Google and be sure you share this article with your friends to let them know this! Comments are welcomed and most importantly, to stay connected,ย Subscribe our YouTube channel for informational videos, and stay connected with us at Facebook and Twitter and till the time we’ll come back with another fresh article on the table of IQubex!

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