Whenever we delete our very important file which wasn’t expected to be, then we frustrate our minds blaming ourselves. 😠 But hereby, you won’t be doing that because I’m gonna tell you How you can get your Permanently Deleted files back! So after you learn this tip, I guess you’ll try deleting a file and whenever after you’ll plan to delete another file, you’ll never think about its consequences. 😉

So, How is it possible?

You must have thought about your permanently deleted files being Gone Forever. In the visual, it looks like Computer literally forgotten your inputs. Isn’t it? Seeing is not always happening. The reality is somewhat you could have never thought of. The file you store in computer is not deleted forever and it is stored at the same place in the Disk! Then, what’s actually deleted? The stuff deleted is not the file but its Address Path!

Okay, let me go in brief. For example, a file named README.txt is deleted, it is saved at the same place at disk. The object trashed is its Address/URL/Location. The location of the file was E:README.txt, the one that got actually deleted. So, Computer won’t show you the file at that location. That address is just made empty to make it able of adding other files in the same place.

I hope you understood the Technicalities. Now its time to talk about How you can get that DiskStored File back. Sounds interesting. Hmm? 🙂

How to get back your Permanently Deleted Files?

Now that you have got where the file is, so wanna get it out? When you want it, you need a special script. And I know you aren’t interested in scripts anymore. So here, you need to get a Software! That software will help you to get your deleted files back in seconds! After hearing the word software, I can just understand your feelings. Virus? Malware? Trojan? Safe? No Malware, No Trojan, No Virus and Completely Safe! After all, I have placed this software on IQubex’ server itself so that you won’t be redirected anywhere outside.

But before you Download,

You need to know How it looks, What it does, The Procedures and many more things. So, to completely guide you towards that, I have brought for you an awesome video which tells you about Two Best Softwares which will help you get those deleted files back.

I hope you watched the video and got to know about How to use the Software. Now, its time for you to Download the Undelete Software! Anyways, the software is very easy like a Child’s Play.
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