Hi again, and I have came back with a fresh read on how you can make a Banner which includes your name in a video! Such elements will help you to enhance your video at a new level. If you have that, viewers will find it easy to know your name or what the video is about. This article doesn’t tell you about this particularly. I’ll be reviewing a venture named VINUBIS. This is the tool which we are gonna use today to make your video simply futuristic! πŸ™‚

In this article, we’ll be discussing about:

  1. How to make that Banner?
  2. How can VINUBIS help you with videos and its other features
  3. Everything you need to know about VINUBIS

What does “Write your name on Banner” mean?

Be sure you watch this video if you care about what do I mean.

In that video, when I talk a banner saying my name appears. Not only the Name, but also the Description with Like and Share buttons which makes you feel fancy.

Not only that Facebook theme, there are many other styles you are going to try out on your videos in next few minutes! πŸ˜‰ Are you excited? You should be!

Now that you know what was I talking about, so lets move forward for the work!

#1: How to make that Banner

Finally, I’m on the point and sorry for trying to explain you much though you’re smart. So, I hope you won’t need much detailed explanation and you can find out what you need after the first step itself!

  • Step 1: Visit editor.vinubis.com
  • Step 2: Signup there. (Very easy)
  • Step 3: After you login, simply upload the video!
  • Step 4: Choose your favorite editor out of three πŸ™‚ One shot, Highlights and Full Editor. I recommend you to use the Full Editor for getting a powerful video. (That’s what I use!)
  • Step 5: Select a theme which suits your video.
  • Step 6: Select the layout for your scene and upload the video. If you have longer videos, you may make more scenes to continue the video.
  • Step 7: Render and Download the video to enjoy!

I deeply understand the pain when the written steps confuse the readers. πŸ˜‰ So, I’m gonna present you Isabelle‘s video about How to use Vinubis. Be sure you subscribe that channel if you love WordPress community.

This video too.. is made by VINUBIS itself and so I bet you’re excited to use it for the first time. πŸ™‚

#2: How can VINUBIS help you with videos and its other features

VINUBIS Editor works quite well in the WordPress Dashboard so that you may work for videos while you work for blog. Those videos will also enhance your blog if you inserted them in your articles. Soon after, you blog would be transformed into a MegaVlog! I mean, Video+Blog=Vlog and Vlog in article is the MegaVlog which wins if compared to YouTube vlog because your viewers are more probably to get the point at blog if you explained in the written form as well as the video form.

VINUBIS has a wide range of themes. In my videos, I’ve planned to use the Facebook theme and be sure you research about what theme Isabelle uses, while you research, you’ll get to know about a theme suitable to your video!

If you’re a challenging YouTuber, VINUBIS should be your necessity. Without that, may be your viewers don’t know your name properly when you spell it. Voice differs. But if you apply banners at right time, it will be easy for them to take a look. And additionally, when you say words like, ‘Check the link in description’, its more recommended to add a banner saying that.

Not only Banner!

I don’t understand why do I focus on banner more, even when VINUBIS has more fascinating features? Be sure you check them out. πŸ™‚

VINUBIS also enables you to frame your videos inside a decorative booth. Watch the starting session of the video and you’ll be pleased when a video is sizened smaller to write on the side.

Am I adding much videos? Sorry for that, but I think that visualization is more greater than the written works. (Only Until the Data gets over) πŸ˜‰

There are many more things which makes your video incomplete. To fill the gaps, VINUBIS has brought more of their updates you need to check out.

Here’s the complete guide to use VINUBIS. Here you’ll find all your questions and their answers.

Valuable Support

You will be getting a chance to talk with the developers through the contact us page or you may directly mail them if you have a query. They are always ready to help you. Therefore, Support is what which makes us feel cozy when we’re in trouble. Thanks to the team!

#3: Everything you need to know about VINUBIS

The idea of VINUBIS was stroked back in 2011. VINUBIS Team developed it and their first user for this tool was eBay. Saying thanks to eBay, they were able to develop it further and came up with the tool you can see today. Since then customers like SAP, BMW, Oracle, Red Bull and others were using it for their internal projects.

A Blog without Video is like a Bread without Butter!

As YouTube is second largest search engine since more than 8 years now – the team see VINUBIS as something very useful for today. Everyone who is doing SEO is only going for 50% of the possible outcome if they do not have moving pictures. VINUBIS is interesting for everybody who wants to run a lot of videos in short time. As people are used to create websites with CMS systems like e.g. WordPress, developers thought: why should that not be possible with video, too? This is why they developed VINUBIS. This was how VINUBIS was created. Be sure you download the WordPress plugin here. πŸ™‚

So, I hope this article proved useful for you as this will help you to make decorative videos on the go! Share this article and comment if you have any suggestions. Stay connected by Subscribing our YouTube Channel, Following us at Facebook and Twitter.

Posted by Kumar Abhirup

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  1. Great post Kumar! Thanks for sharing my videos. Indeed, I also use VINUBIS to illustrate my blog http://www.aicragellebasi.social/ with videos and it works great. My audience LOVES to watch my adventures.
    I hope many people will use it as well.


  2. I’m glad you liked that πŸ™‚ Your videos were the best suit!


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