Know how doing Clickbaits can directly affect your health and what good and bad things are caused due to it. Confused? Clickbait is nothing but distracting headlines. When they are used, they are used with an intention of receiving traffic. When comes traffic, comes conversions and then money. (Not always) Even YouTubers use it a lot. Especially, Gaming YouTubers. They say something wonderful and end up showing something different.

Basically, you must have got an idea about I’m saying. If someone misleads you with attractive headlines and you see something ugly, you can label it as a Clickbait.

The title looks surprising. Isn’t it? Here I’m not gonna tell you ‘How does ClickBait affect your health‘ but I’ll be telling ‘What is Clickbait and all‘. 😉 This is also a type of Clickbait! However, Clickbaits are bad and sometimes good too. Telling you about clickbait is never misleading. If the title would be, How to eat a man and I tell you about clickbait, then it will be misleading.

Difference between Misleading and Clickbait

Like I said before, if the title is How to eat a man and then after I show you How to play a game, then of course its Misleading and a perfect Clickbait. (Prankly said) Misleading viewers is always bad for health of every blogger because if he gives out his day to write and the readers are so sad to him, then it affects health.

Now comes the only Clickbait. I don’t mean Misleaing here. I only mean Clickbait. If the title is How does ClickBait affect your health and then you just see What is the difference b/w Misleading and Clickbait, then for sure, its a Clickbait because I didn’t mean exactly what I commit to you. But, it is never misleading because after all I’m talking all aspects only about Clickbait and nothing else. So, it can’t be called misleading but only a clickbait.

Things you should notice

  • Misleading clickbaits are beneficial for blogger only for a short time and always bad for readers.
  • The skillful clickbaits can prove helpful for bloggers and readers for a longer time.
  • All misleads are clickbaits. But all clickbaits are not misleads.

How does clickbait affects health?

Not clickbait, Misleading clickbaits affects health as the readers will slip off if kept misleading in the same way! 🙂

How is clickbait useful?

About 67% of blogs on web use misleading clickbaits on the web to attract visitors. Though visitors do not get what they wanted, they get something other interesting stuff and the cycle never stops. And the 29% use perfect clickbaits which helps readers as well as bloggers. (Bloggers are helped more everytime) The rest 4% do not even use clickbaits. They like saying Spade a Spade.

But how many emerge successful? Out of those misleading 67%, hopefully 20% go successful. Out of those 29% clickbait blogs, 70% goes successful. And the rest who like truth, only 5% blogs can come out with flying colors. Probably, a bitter truth. That means, clickbait has been winning everytime in terms of SEO, Viral Content, Self Social Sharing, YouTubing and much more.

So many clickbaits always suck

This is another truth. Though clickbaits work much, blogs who become famous for clickbaits are ignored enough and kicked everytime under the eyes on feed. This should never happen with any of us until we don’t mislead. But, it happens. So, be sure you always limit the use of clickbaits and always enhance the traffic and give your readers a royal comfort!

How to become a CLICKBAIT GOD?

Even me do not expertise in it. In fact, I not even tried it once but I can help you with some titles like these:

  • How to make a cake?
  • How to start your own YouTube channel?
  • How to drive slower?

These are some nooby headlines of articles. But now, those will be transformed by a Clickbait god to get 10x traffic!

  • How to please your child with delightful cake?
  • How to broadcast and showcase yourself in front of millions?
  • How to drive safer when talking on phone? 😉

Hurray, I’m now a Clickbait god! Are you? Feel free to comment me down below and let me know your thoughts on this! So, did this article helped you? If yes, be sure you share and connect us on Social media which is pretty much simple!

Posted by Kumar Abhirup

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