Just opened up window this morning and thought about an interesting game which doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t exist, I need to make it. I need it quickly. I need it now. And upon, I don’t want to code the game. So what? Windows shut. Dreams shut. 😳

Make your first game without code

Wow, ever thought of it?

Wait.. What? Did I say shut your dreams? No, I won’t. Probably not. Today, I’m going to present you one-time solution to give your Game-Dream a boost. (No boastings, Reality first) Yeah, may be you can’t rely it on much, if you want something reliable you will always need your codes but if its not possible at this stage, let’s just step forward into the world.

The Sploder World!

For everything where we don’t use codes practically, are the platforms or if simply said, ‘Drag and Drop Code Makers’. But today, you won’t see Drag and Drop Code Maker but you would see a fantastic Drag and Drop Game Maker. So, what’s the platform? Like the subheading says, its Sploder the Exploder!

So, I don’t want to end up making big tutorials with the Game Maker, just be creative, Login on that website and ejoy the features given below:

  • Make Retro Arcade Games
  • Algorithm Crew Games
  • Platformer Creator (My favorite)
  • Physics Puzzle Maker (Just like Candy Crush) :XD:
  • Classic shooter games
  • 3D Adventure Creator, Make 3D Games (New!)
  • Classic Creator (Some in one)
  • Graphics Creator, Make your own characters, Buildings, etc. (Literally anything)
  • Make games and share with others.
  • Score yourself in leaderboard.
  • Make friends.
  • Make levels.

Now that you know the basics, its better you try it yourself and enjoy the experience. Let your friends know such an awesome point.

Here’s the link of website. Go, Play, Enjoy!
So, this will be helping you everywhere if you’re kid and just started dreaming to become a Game Maker. Get yourself on, learn code, make, publish, distribute and just be happy! Peace out.

Posted by Kumar Abhirup

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