We all had our first email service as Yahoo. At the time of 1994-2005, it was like everyone in the world had only one format of email. And that was: someone@yahoo.com

Well, the climax is different now. We Google instead of Yahoo. Our email has a gmail.com at the end. And the king of internet has now declined and Google ascended the throne of Internet where billions of people live.

Yahoo’s story has been sad. It is not the one like it was in 1990s. It drowned in the ocean peacefully after having negligence in marketing their products. They ended up being sold to Verizon company at just $5 Billion in 2016. Their actual worth in 1990s was much more than even $30 Billion.

They had a big story about how it started and ended. Now, this story is captured in a long scrolled image. Just by reading its chronology, you’ll get the things. 😉

The Brutal Decline of Yahoo!

This is how Yahoo brutally ended and lost its reputation.

So, Yea… That was a bad story. In such a way, Yahoo missed everything it had and finally put itself into auction. The Verizon was the only company which bid regularly higher for Yahoo.

Yahoo is still not dead. Its alive and it is gonna rise soon.Verizon

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