There are many guys out on the web who want to start something online… Something… at least! So, the easiest and the common paths chosen are YouTubing or Blogging. Now, more questions arise taking us deeper into the matter. Whats better to experience first? YouTube or a Blog… Each and everyone has a different view about it. Well, I have been Blogging and YouTubing since an Year so I can tell you way more better what’s good to start first!

I started a YouTube channel first

Oh. That’s quite ordinary. Cheaper, more classically.. even free with a big platform for viewers and advertisers too! ‘FREE’ is a single fancy word which makes us put our valuable content on YouTube and not on a blog. Though we all know that blogs are even free of cost if not made professionally, still we make up our mind for YouTube first. But the question is… Should you really?

Take a look. There are more factors of decision other than cost.

  • The speed of generation of income
  • Difficulty level to get traffic and audience
  • Self-Dependency
  • Difficulty level to establish content platform

Let us talk in brief about each factor on which you should decide where to start.

Its a Vlog VS Blog showdown!

If you start on YouTube…

Ever thought of creating an YouTube blog? You’ll get a good audience within a month even if you just uploaded 2/3 videos a week. Which gets you income much faster. [UPDATED] Now YouTube lets content creators showcase ads only after they reach their first 10K viewers. That means, you won’t earn just after you start. You need 10K views in total. But, that’s not at all a difficult task as building an audience on YouTube is quite easy. 200-300 people will start noticing you within a month if you become regular uploader.

When you get audience, YouTube will surely start buffing up your earnings to next levels. At the first glance, no doubt you’ll be delighted. Once you get more, you’ll realize that your earnings get a sudden nerf or sometimes a buff. It can even take you down to losses or sometimes Overpowered profits! Soon, you may realize that you should not only depend on YouTube. Here, the results you get are quite random. And how huge randomization YouTube does can make me write up another article for you.

“On YouTube, you just don’t need anything other than ideas in mind. It’s free!”… Well, if you heard this from someone, you’ve heard wrong! You need an animation or video editing software + a vlogging Camera and Tripod + Green Screen + Light effects and many more if you decided to make camera vlog. If you’re not going to showcase yourself, you’re probably animating. And for that, you need an Animation Software and a workforce! And if you aren’t even animating… the last option you practice is copying… where you welcome YouTube to shut your channel.

Finding for the best vlogging camera? Here you go! It is the most affordable and best camera for blogging and vlogging.

YouTube vlogs can really be pleasuring when you get Likes, Subscribes and Comments. When fame touches your heart, YouTube will become your life. So, its not at all bad for starting with YouTube but you should first know what will happen further.

However, YouTube is really easy to setup and establish content on it. Support is always with you and if you work hard and if you had luck, you may be the next PewDiePie!

If you blog first…

Well, you’re welcomed to the mess of texts and techniques! Here, you need to qualify and win with your SEO skills! Now if you ask what’s SEO… you should probably not blog first. Collect information and know others experiences of startup, and then get into the big show! Here, you need money to host website. But if you starting on free plans of or WIX or Weebly, better you turn to YouTube instead. Because they don’t bring you bucks. However, you’ll surely get an experience to start for a professional blog and so its always recommended that you should start free first!

Now, if you even started blogging, still Google SEO algorithm will make you cry for years to establish an audience. Yes, the more is your domain age, the more your website ranks on Google. Domain age hasn’t to be just some months but a few years. If you had luck with viral content and your hard works with no mistakes, then its most probably you’ll break all the Google rules and compete the kings! But, an year passed and I’m still leniently blogging making more and more mistakes. In such cases, domain age doesn’t even matter when I’m losing audience! ( That was an example 😉 LOL )

If you don’t get audience, no earnings. There’s where you’ll leave your blog and go to YouTube. But, you shouldn’t. Once your blog is established with a valuable audience, rich content with good user experience and a good SEO rank, you’ll be earning 20 times more than YouTube as on website you’re free to make any kind of adverts and you aren’t really limited to Google Adsense. The best part is, your earnings and traffic wouldn’t fluctuate like you’ll see on YouTube. 😀

Should you start on Vimeo?

No, you shouldn’t. Vimeo isn’t that big platform where you should give a start. Vimeo pro does it even more worst. You may join their programmes but the future isn’t much good if you stay a freebie. Well, its all upon you. Vimeo no where stands for a competition with YouTube. Just a fact is that Vimeo videos are much more HD than normal ones and they stand on their own. And the vimeo pricing can much likely strike your pocket with nothing MUCH in your hand. You don’t always spend lots of money on TitBits.

I said a lot. But still…

It depends. If you asked me, my YouTube channel is currently working way more better than blogs. May be the future differs, but I’m happy that I started with YouTube first. Popular YouTubers even deny the betterment of blogs just because they are good with YouTube. But the popular bloggers would feel like their blog is the best in the world. If you can go better with blogging, do that. If you aren’t much aware about blogging, try free blogging on or else you can always prefer YouTube as your first choice!

Did that helped you?

If yes, tell us in the comments section and also feel free to comment your suggestions about this topic. Do share it with your friends who are confused and do not forget to subscribe my YouTube channel as well. 🙂

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