Welcome! I’m going to present you TOP 5 platforms which help earning online. In today’s world, IT companies had found out different ways to earn money. And if you’re just starting a blog, a great applause for you because now can just monetize it to earn money!

However, you should know that Earning money is not easy. You need to spend nights for creating the blog thoughtful to earn money. Years of experience is also needed and you will be facing some problems every month. That’s how this world progress and the same applies here!

The first step to earn money is to monetize it. So, here’s some platforms which will help your content capable to generate money!

1. Google Adsense (Non Hosted Adsense)


Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best earning platform I ever know. This was launched by Google and is used by half of the web now. Big Websites even gain millions of dollars just because of Google Adsense. It provides you a chance to show advertises on your Web Page. Google provides money per impressions and clicks and sends a cheque after you overcome threshold of $100. Though it seems easy, it is difficult to get clicks and then money. For that, you need a great ton of traffic on website which you’ll get only when you will take care of your SEO. Adsense accounts which monetizes your blog will be a Non-Hosted Adsense Account because you yourself are setting it up.

2. YouTube (Hosted Adsense)


YouTube, by google

YouTube, again a product by google is the second most used search engine in the world! And YouTube too, provides a great chance for people to earn. To earn on YouTube, you need to make your own channel on it. Then you have to make good uploads for years and monetize it. There are many examples of YouTubers who are millionaires today and were nothing before 5-6 years. YouTube will be an investment because you need a good quality camera and also good stories and content to show. YouTube is also monetized by Adsense itself. So, for earning on Youtube, you have to configure your channel with Adsense. Such types of Adsense accounts are hosted by Google which are called Hosted Adsense Accounts.

There are also some platforms which do not need content or any blog, but you may just sign up as a freelancer!

3. Fiverr

Fiverr, the ultimate marketplace

Fiverr, the ultimate marketplace

Fiverr is a community of buyers and sellers who buy and sell Gigs. The minimum cost you can put is $5. Here you’ll receive many buyer requests and you have to respond to it so that you may get an exciting order. Here, you may also get orders by direct payments through the Gigs and you need to complete it in the time you promised. Fiverr is a great Marketplace which cannot be ignored. People who sell their Gig efficiently get Level 2 or Top Level Badges.

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates, a product by Amazon

This term is commonly called as Affiliate Marketing. Not only amazon, but all other E-commerce companies provides the service. There are many geeks who advertise Amazon’s products on their website and earn a lot. Affiliate Marketing provides a Link and an Image to you which you are supposed to upload it to your site. For that its not at all necessary to have blogs. You may also share affiliate links through your Facebook Page or Twitter Profile and in meanwhile, keep posting awesome contents everyday! 😉

And.. At last you’ll realize the importance of a Website or a Blog!

5. Your own Website

This is the main platform on which you’re going to work on. Without this, you won’t be able to earn money through Non-Hosted Adsense Account. When you have a website with a traffic, you may also sell the data that you receive. When people fill their information on your website, you get an important data which is a prestige when you sell it! When you have traffic, you may also write sponsored review to earn money! Or you may become a merchant’s affiliate and you’ll advertise him everywhere! You may also find out more new ways to earn money through advertising when you have your own blog.

This was my opinion about monetizing and earning on different platforms. Do tell your opinion in comment section below and do not forget to Share this to your friends who need to monetize their blog! 🙂

Posted by Kumar Abhirup

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  1. The internet providing multiple ways to make money online. Out of your list the best and famous is blogging, but must aware how blog works and what kind of visitors are required to generate money from a blog. My income sources are blogging, P.T.C (neobux) & selling products online on eBay. Now i started a new blog on affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing your ideas on earning online.


    1. @Charan, Glad to hear this 🙂


  2. can you share some of the good affiliates? I am using google AdSence but I am in search of some better affiliates.


    1. Hi @Shhrvan, I m glad to tell you this. If you are searching for affiliate platforms, i would like to recommend you ShareAsale which is pretty useful for those who write content!
      For a professional ShareAsale review, you may visit ‘An Honest ShareAsale platform Review


  3. YouTube uses Google AdSense, isn’t it? So, aren’t they both the same?


    1. Yeah, thanx for your suggestions 🙂 I would update the article soon..


  4. I’ve recently started a site, the information you offer on this website has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work i am very impressed your work keep it up dear


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