Team BlackLeet. The hatreds of Indians are now on the battlefield to rip out the Indian websites with the message of PAKISTAN ZINDABAD. Sounds wierd. They started with their hacking journey just now and had reached at a climax where they have the power to threaten every host. Its a not a joke. Its an experience. Which clipped off my mother’s dear website from this web.

Every Indian and Pakistanite knows the rivalry between the both nations. The same rivalry and the devotion to one’s nation made the man capable to do anything crazy for one’s own country. The same instance can be seen in this case. More than 300 websites were hacked at once which moved hearts of hundreds. (And even me) Here, the hackers targeted a weak/cheap host and the consequences can now be seen by you.

(Zoom these images to have a better look)

Team BlackLeet Index Page

After seeing such a welcome page on my blog this morning, I was shocked! It even had a background music which isn’t good for you to hear here.

Team BlackLeet FB Page

When I clicked on to the FB Page of hackers… I saw them critisizing my host and morever, they published a list of more than 300 websites hacked through the XhostIndia’s server.

My website started yelling bad words on India after it was hacked on 27th October 2017. For its recovery, I tried my best to change passwords… But all the efforts were in vain because the ultimate control that the host had was with the Team BlackLeet.

At the same webpage (index.php), that they uploaded, was the song which promoted the hate against India and a love towards the major religion for Pakistan. Every consumer of XhostIndia was willing to yell at the Founder to take action. But, willingness was now hunger. The only communication feature (Tickets) was hacked. No one had an entry to the XhostIndia’s site and thus, the frustated minds bursted out.

I haven’t yet got my website. If I could get it… I’ll surely update you here. But atleast for now, I can only miss that blog:

[UPDATED 2nd November 2017]: Finally, I got my website back after some efforts taken by the Server Sellers in US. So it is.. That I’m happy today. LoL.

What did I learn from this?

Cheap hosts are never a solution. Never get them a deal. Your data may have a high chance of facing breaches by external powers causing you and your website a damage. At such situations, Hosts merely come out of it. Most of the times, such hosts can even shut their businesses without letting you know.

Well, I beleive in my current host… that they couldn’t let this happen again.

Strike at the sentiments

A webpage (index.php) which was uploaded on XhostIndia’s server, had hate speeches which skrewed India. This was not at all a big hack by the Team BlackLeet, but if they’re able to wreck 300 websites today, they may acheive a number of 1000 tomorrow. The hacker claimed himself ‘Hunter Bajwa’ with a Pakistani hate song at the background. There’s a great need to put a break on it. Or else… you know it may be your turn next.

So guys, I have stated the only lesson I learnt. I won’t be hosting my website with XhostIndia hereby….

Goodbye 😉 See you in next article.

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