Technology is everywhere. Our maximum utilization of technology every day is done through our smartphone. New applications have flooded our tech-savvy generation, but have we ever paused and think about the other best utility of the same phone. This same smartphone can also be our protector of health through a simple yet powerful health app.

Why the need?

India, where nearly, 50 percent forgets to take their medicine on time. MyTherapy (free for iOS and Android) app plays the role of a protector. It is a medication reminder which helps you to set up your medication schedule with the huge medication database. It reminds you to take your medication and urges you to confirm with a single tap whether you’ve taken it or skipped it.

What does the app do?

This app is designed to support the people with various health issues such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, AIDS, hypertension, arthritis, blood pressure and much more. MyTherapy also supports visually impaired patients by its voice over feature.


Many other health features such as keeping a track on your mood swings, blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight, can be availed by entering necessary health information in the app. The application supports about 50 different types of measurements for different conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis etc.

Most of the young working population in India stays in different cities, away from their families. MyTherapy allows adding family members and friends to keep a track on the medication adherence of your loved ones even when you are not present near them. This is the best feature for all those whose old parents are not staying with them.

Health report is another brilliant feature which collects all your activity information and presents it in a printable format which provides an opportunity to understand your health’s progress and what more needs to be done about it. This can be shared with your doctor too for a better treatment plan.


The app is extremely easy to use and a reliable tool. MyTherapy fulfills all the promises it makes on the store page. It is free from advertisements and lives up to its commitment to good health only.

This was the entire review of a Health Tracker and Fitness App. IQubex will always be caring for its readers in future by reviewing such awesome apps on the web!

Posted by Kumar Abhirup

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