Hey Readers! This article is made specially for those who want to Contribute to WordPress to make it more good by giving their auspicious plugins. Plugins extend the capability and features of WordPress. Each and every plugin has a good use for its users and WordPress will be proud of you if you can submit your plugins to them. First of all, we have to set up some things before submitting your Plugin.


The first thing you’ll be doing is to add your plugin (php file) in a folder. The Second important thing is to add a README.TXT(Click here for a sample ReadMe file) file in the zip. This will be useful for WordPress to know you.

After you have made the ReadMe file completely, you should verify it using this tool. After this, just create a folder named “assets” and put all your plugin images in it. That will appear as screenshots of your plugin.

WordPress accepts only Zip files. Therefore, you have to Zip your folder. Then, you have to upload this plugin to your website using Cpanel or Filezilla.

Before you Submit your Plugin, you need to have your account on WordPress.org, or if you already have an account, you can login on that website, or just Click here for that.

After you log in to your account, Visit this page and you’ll see something like this:

Add your Plugin Here

This is the place where you write about your plugin to WordPress. Do write it nicely so that it will be approved!

After clicking on Send Post Button, you’ll receive a message that Plugins are in queue and you have to kindly wait for some days.

Then you have to wait for Plugin being approved. Waiting time depends on How many plugins were sent before you. After waiting, you’ll receive an Email from WordPress Team about Rejection or Approval.

That’s all! You’re ready for Submitting your Plugin to WordPress and Users will be happy to use your plugin! 🙂

If you have more questions regarding submission, you’re welcomed! If you have your plugin approved on WordPress, do write that Plugin URL and info in comments!

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