A Website has few common things which each and every website on the web has. They are most probably header, body and a footer. A website is always incomplete without a header and body. These are the things which everyone knows. But, there are many more things which decide whether your website is Good or Bad.

What characteristics does a Good Website have?

Yeah, this is the most important point which I’m going to discuss here. 🙂

Good Website

1. A good About Us Page

Every website has an about us page. But, it should contain all necessary information about your blog or website and should also contain the website owner’s information. You may think that readers don’t see that page, but About page matters. Many people first read about the owner so that they’ll know whose website are they visiting. If your website is not a blog or a service, you may not need that page. Social Networking websites mainly don’t need any about page because users come to know ‘What it is’ in a single view.

2. Website/Brand Logo in headers

Logo is an important element of your website. Mainly, it is needed for attracting users to a website and making website more attractive. It should always remain in the main header. Websites without logo just have texts in header which looks ugly.

3. Good Navigation System

Navigation system is the thing which matters the most. Without navigation system, users will stay on your page, will get bored and will leave of. You should keep showing them links to other pages of website and let them explore new things. Main navigation system should be placed in header. If your website’s header is vertical, place the navigation bar in a vertical way. Websites which have vertical layout should place Navigation, Logo and Header at the left. (For example, you can Visit this website) If your Navigation System is nested, you should have dropdowns.

Read my Good Web Site Guide so that you can get a very tough and strong idea about how a perfect website is.

4. Reasonable Images

Your website will look ugly if it has No Images. This also horrifies your SEO rank and it results in less traffic(Extremely Less Traffic). Readers love images than theories. But, when we consider SEO, Theories are more important and therefore “Content Is King!“.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your website must be optimized by SEO so that you’ll appear more up in search listing and this helps a lot to bring traffic on your website. For reference you can read the Art of SEO. SEO really helps a lot and big companies are largely influenced by it.

6. Original and UnCopied Content

Your content should never consist of wrong and fake things. This will attract users temporarily but will be of no use after the secret is revealed. This also results in fall of SEO ranking. When a content is copied, Search Engines can point it out easily. This also results in a fall of SEO ranking. You can write the same article but it should be presented in a different way and voice. You can have a look at HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites Guide which will make you familiar of coding languages.

7. Speed of Website

Speed of website really matters. A normal user with 3G/4G/5G speed always expects a website to be opened within 3 seconds. And if not, user leaves and finds for other. There are some techniques by which you can Analyse the Speed of your website and can make it more faster. I’m surely going to write an article on that. For instance, you can check GTmetrix Website which will Analyse the speed and will tell you the ways by which you can speed up your website. CMS stystems, CDNs, WordPress enhance the speed of website. You can read Professional WordPress: Design and Development to be a PRO WordPress User because WordPress has easy ways and plugins to speed up your websites.

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8. Compatibility with different browsers

There are many browsers which has different properties and every browser tries to read website in a different way and presents your website in a different way. Mainly, your website must be having problems with outdated browsers such as IE.7/8/9 which nearly miss CSS scripts and styles. Your website may look good in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But it should look the same and kind in all the browsers. I’ll make an article about that later.

9. Website should be Responsive

Now-a-days, half of people in this world read blogs on mobiles! Therefore, it is very necessary to optimize your website in such a way that it will be visible on the mobiles. If your website looks good only on Desktop, then you’re probably missing your 91% users.

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10. Contact Form or a Feedback Form

You must have this. Without it, you’ll never come to know what’s in people’s mind about your website. Anyways, feedback improves. Therefore, you should always ask your visitors to fill a feedback form or a contact form. When readers receive bad service, they will surely try to tell you. Never deny that. Therefore, you should have contact forms in your website.

Yeah, I have almost covered everything needed. If you think I left something, do add it in the comments. Feel free to express yourself in the comments and please do write about how useful was this article. 🙂

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