Hey! Welcome to this interesting article which will be discussing whose better… Facebook or Twitter?

I’m not going to talk much about their incomes but I’ll only tell my Opinions about these both platforms.

Facebook is a corporation and online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California, in the United States and Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”. This is all what you see on Wikipedia.

But, after all these are the two great social media platform which everyone talks about. Because of its popularity, It won’t prove wrong if I said it Superman Vs Batman!

Now, we will talk about all the Pros and Cons relating with single terms! So, let’s start!

User Friendliness

Facebook has a great concern for User Friendliness. It looks forward for bringing comfort to people by making it more lighter. Words are made easier to understand. (For example. Like, Share, Comment, Message and none of its own terms) Facebook is somewhat faster than Twitter and does everything it can for bringing better user experience.

Twitter also cares of its users and helps them in a complex way. Twitter mainly have its own terms, such as tweet, retweet, quote retweet etc. I think that it would not be less than a nightmare for new users to twitter. But.. yeah, it comes as a fantastic platform after we come to know Twitter nicely. Twitter’s desktop website and app, both are not faster as Facebook is. It never provides a chance to speak in more than a limit of characters. This may make new users a bit frustrated. So, Twitter slightly falls behind in terms of User Friendliness.

Winner: Facebook

Making Circles

Facebook provides a chance to add friends and gives an opportunity to the writer to make it Public, Friends, or even Only Me. It also gives a chance to add Some friends in Family Circle or Close Friend Circle. It has facility of making Groups and Fan Pages which Twitter don’t have.(Twitter has List instead)

Twitter also provides Circles, but in a different manner. Twitter just gives an option of Following and we do not get a chance to write a tweet only for ourselves. All the tweets are shown to Public. But, we are provided an opportunity to follow live trends using #ashTags. (Which facebook doesn’t have) It provides a share option, popularly known as Quote Retweet. Like we have groups on Facebook, there are lists on Twitter. (Lists and Groups are totally different terms)

As Facebook provides better ways to have circles, again we see:

Winner: Facebook

People’s Love

Facebook gets billions of visits and makes much more revenue than Twitter. Every user on earth atleast spend his/her 20 minutes of life on Facebook. (Analysis by Facebook Inc.) Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerburg always talks about visitors to facebook and other earthquaking Analysis. Not only Facebook, but its other products such as Whatsapp, Instagram are also used by millions and billions. While, twitter fails in every aspect of revenue, visitors and products. (Only if compared to facebook)

Alexa rank of Facebook is 2 in 2016 and Twitter’s Alexa Rank is 9 in 2016.

Twitter: Twitter likes to talk about Daily number of Tweets more than talking about daily number of visitors and Facebook denies the importance of counting the number of posts written daily. But instead, Alexa rank tells everything and People’s Love is the most necessary thing.

Most of the people are turned to Facebook currently in 2016. So, in all aspects Facebook is the winner and Twitter haven’t lost this race. Race is still going on and anyone more than join this race and even Facebook don’t know anything about their future existence. Therefore, I conclude that both the platforms are doing best in completing their aims!

Please do comment your thoughts below on this 🙂 You can even tell public about which platform you like the most or you may like both of them. Stay Tuned…

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  1. Hey.. I too like Facebook. It also gives a chance to GO LIVE? ?


  2. Yeah. But u should also consider POLLS which TWITTER has and users love it..


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