Hi! PHP is a programming language which makes a website Dynamic. It does many functions such as creating sessions, destroying sessions, forming cookies, sending mails and even Calculating! Here in this article, I have brought you an easiest calculator which you can make in minutes by coding some lines. I’m directly going to provide its files so that you can View Code, See the demo and much more. You may also use it on your Website.

So, all you need is to download this…

[Note*: Whatever you’ll learn further is based on PHP. So, to make this work when you download the script, you should be having a local server on which you can test. For me, I use Xampp Server. It’s easy to download and use. Just download the file given and paste it in HtDocs folder which you’ll be receiving when you install Xampp. Then, just extract all the files from the zip, give the folder a name and type: localhost/your-folder-name in the browser. This is all what you need before installation of this calculator.]

Now you’re Almost Done!

Now you just need to review these files, study the code given in Result.php and then you’ll easily get an idea about How To Make A Perfect Calculator! You may also see the demo first to see how it works.

If you want to learn much more exclusive things about PHP and its power, you can read this: Professional PHP guide for beginners (Everything you need to know and learn).

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