ShareAsale is an Affiliate Platform which helps bloggers to connect various Merchants who want to willingly advertise their products by your help. It is also friendly with the Merchants which make the platform live with a mess of Affiliate Marketers.

As I am a publisher on ShareAsale, I can only talk about a normal Publisher’s experience.

When we enter the homepage, we see two options, ‘I want to promote this Merchant’ and ‘I want to be one of these merchants’. As I told before, I will only talk about my experience on ShareAsale as a publisher. Therefore, you have to choose the first option, i.e. ‘I want to promote this Merchant’. Then after you have to just fill the form which is asked to fill afterwards.

[Note*: If you want to advertise your Product, you need to click the button which says ‘I want to be one of these merchants’]

Some best things I like there:

  • Advanced Ad Search
  • Lead Ads
  • Vast Number of Merchants
  • Participation of Grand Known Companies as a merchant
  • Easy and Quick Payments without Threshold
  • Variations in Ad Resolutions

Advanced Ad Search

ShareAsale gives a chance for Advanced Ad Search which filters the Commission-per-sale Merchant, Pay-per-lead or Pay-per-Click Merchants. It also filters the Merchants separately who are Exclusive on ShareAsale.  There are many more options which you may feel good if you tried signing up through

Lead Ads

Lead Ads are the ads which provide money after someone clicks your link and sign up on the associated website. These ads have a great chance to get sold. Sometimes, when the Signup of advertiser is free, you have a greater chance of readers signing in. This paragraph answers the question on What are lead Ads? easily.

Vast number of Merchants

Their are 100K+ of Merchants on ShareAsale which provides you a chance of joining many Affiliate programs. ShareAsale proves useful even if you depend only on this platform. From Weebly to AndCo. There’s every Merchant!

Participation of Grand Known Companies

As I said, From Weebly to AndCo. There’s every Merchant, this tells that there is a vast network. Even companies like Buildium are present as a merchant there.

Easy and Quick Payments without Threshold

The payments made are faster and are received within 4 business days if you are providing them address. Or sometimes it takes no time if your account is configured with PayPal.

Variations in Ad Resolutions

If you love banner ads, it would be obvious for you to ask for a variety of resolutions of a Single ad of Single merchant. Yeah, but I agree that there’s a great Con, that Ads aren’t responsive. For making it responsive, you have to code yourself to make that image perfect in all devices.

Click here to be an Affiliate Marketer and have a handshake with ShareAsale! 🙂

So, this was everything needed to know before you apply for ShareAsale. Please do write your review on ShareAsale below in the comment section. I would take effort to send them your review. 🙂

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  1. Yes. I also had a good experience there … The main thing I like their is CPL….


  2. Yes.. I love this platform…I have earned $384 in just first 5 months.


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