Speed is a very important concern even for a common website! Speed holds an important role to decide the number of visits and readers to your website. Normally, a website which counts less than 3/4 seconds to load is a fast website. In this article, you’ll know How to Analyze the Speed of your website and How to reduce the loading time.

How will speed affect your website?

Everyone in world knows that Low Speed frustrates user. It would probably not be developer’s fault if visitor’s internet is 2G or slower than that. But, we need to focus on providing the best user experience, even in 2G. Its pretty difficult for a 2G to load a normal webpage. At least a 3G connection should see a website in 3/4 seconds.

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You may remember the above article in which I wrote many characteristics which a good website should have which also include Speed. Without speed, browser hangs which may result in disappearance of a reader from your website.

The Best tool to Analyze the speed

Yeah, here’s the paragraph where we will start analyzing the speed. Then after analyzing, you’ll also know how to Speed it up. This is the same tool about which I described in the article(289) and in this article, you’ll know in detail about it.

That Ultimate Tool!

GTMetrix was developed by GT.net as a tool for managed hosting customers to easily determine the performance of their sites. And after years, it was made publicly available for all the websites to let their owners analyze the speed, loading time, PageSpeed rating and even more!

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GTMetrix Homepage

Homepage of GTMetrix which appears firstly.

In the screenshot above, you just need to type the Webpage to know its Speed. Then, click Analyze. After this, you’ll have to wait for the system to test your webpage.

As per to the latest update, GTMetrix made it compulsory to Register/Signup for getting results more faster. Before, there was no need to SignUp but now they realized their importance and therefore they made it slower for the people who didn’t SignUp. So, I would like to recommend you for a Signup!

Then, you’ll be getting results and that’s how the website’s speed was analysed. Then, the Step 2 will be increasing the speed!

How to increase the Speed?

After you analyze, the result page will look something like this:

GTMetrix Result Page

This is how you’ll see results and suggestions to improve the score.

The simplest thing to do is to use Script Minimizing Softwares so that your script will be compressed to make it faster. Or else, you may use some tools like Clean CSS, JavaMinifyer or some more tools on DansTools!

There’s a relief for WordPress users too. If you’re using WordPress, I suggest you the plugin known as Autoptimize which will reduce some seconds of load. The given plugin converts PHP pages into the form of HTML and shows it to user in a faster way. It actually minimizes every script!

If you explored the results and suggestions gave by GTMetrix, you’ll surely find more ways to speed up your website.

I think that all the questions about Speeding Website are answered. If you have more suggestions to improve speed, please feel free to write it below in comment section 🙂

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