Many people think of making their own blog after getting inspired from other blogs. The idea is really good! But, the main question is: How to Start a Blog/Website? Most of the people just Google it and they find many tools for it. You’ll find so many tools that will puzzle you about Which one is the best?’. In this article, I’m going to tell everything about How I started this Blog! and more things you should know about it.

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How I started

In 2014, I was totally unknown of all coding languages such as CSS, PHP and Javascript and just knew a bit of HTML(Basic Tags). I even didn’t have an idea about What is a blog. Yeah, as usual, Google helped me in this. It is very useful for every beginner to learn a bit. The first query I asked to Google was: How to make a Website? Then, I found many options and became happy dreaming about my own new website. 🙁 But, the world wasn’t that simple as I thought of… Every tool provided me a limit of Website Themes and Customization. I tried Weebly, SimDif, and Blogger too! Every tool made a website with an ugly domain:

This was probably not a professional work and found that We have to pay for self Domain! If you want to take a trial, these domains are good. But, I hoped something different.

In the meanwhile, I learnt HTML, CSS and PHP tutorials and became a Designer and a Developer. Then, I also came to know about Hosting providers and many other similar things we need to host a website.

If you don’t want to jump in those fields, you can make your website in other ways which I’m going to tell you further. This was all about my experience and practical things. But, you don’t need that. You’ll need the technical explanation about these things.

If you want to know how blog works and don’t want to go professionally, you should use the tools provided above first. The best one I recommend you is Weebly!

If you want to go really professional, just keep reading 😉

Buy your own Domain

Don’t worry much about it. If you want to go professional, that’s an appropriate need. I wouldn’t like to recommend you buying domains from tools. Because, if you purchase domain from tools I suggested, you’re website may be totally in their control.

For buying domains, You can contact hosting services such as BlueHost! It also provides One-Click-Installation of many CMS systems. The first step is buying domain and keep reading to know the second.

If you think that buying a domain just for hobby is wrong, but I sincerely tell you that its not a loss, its an investment of time and money! Read this review: An Honest ShareAsale Review

Choose a Good CMS System/Software

If you know coding with PHP in advanced, you can make systems for your own. But, those who aren’t CodingMinds, they should surely use CMS(Content Management System).

The best CMS I would like to suggest: WordPress

Note*: Do not get confused by and because both are totally different products brought to you by Automattic Inc, the first one is a Website maker Tool and the second one is a CMS used by 26% of the Web!

After you reach the website, you need to Download WordPress and Install it to your server. Your Host will surely help you in this. For more information, you may refer Famous 5 Minute WordPress Installation!

In WordPress, you’ll be provided with many Themes and Plugins on which you have no limit. You will be guaranteed that you have full control on website. Large blogs such as Mashable and TechCrunch are WordPress websites.

Not only WordPress, but there are more such as Joomla and Drupal. You may try that also.

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The Bottom Line…

Blog is a very good way to express yourself and make your readers happy. Want to read success stories of Bloggers around the world? Read this: Top 10 Earning Bloggers in the World!

I actually started my website with HTML and CSS first and then migrated to PHP website powered by CMS.

This was How you can have a KickStart for your Website! If you’re familiar about more tools and other systems, feel free to suggest in comment section below. Also tell your experience about starting a blog! 🙂

Posted by Kumar Abhirup

Hey guys, Welcome to this fascinating blog IQubex. I'm Kumar Abhirup, a blogger, web designer and a developer from Nasik, the Wine Capital of India! I started IQubex as a hobby and my vision is to make my readers happy and satisfied by answering all their questions on this blog. My age is 13 and I started my developing journey at the age of 10.


  1. Can I make this in regional language? I want to write Marathi articles.


    1. Yes, you can write articles and can make website in any language. U just need practice to write with it and a keyboard for that. will surely help you writing Marathi effortlessly just by converting.


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