Comparing Popularity of different Keywords is necessary for every Blogger, YouTuber, Celebrity and Public Figure. Trends let them know, what are people interested in. A research tells, 90% of trend explaining posts goes successful as people are more curious in it. Strong keywords enrich one’s SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and reputation.

How to find Top Trending Keywords

There are a lot many ways for it. In spite of Facebook and Twitter Trends, Google suggests you more good trends and ongoing Keywords for which most of the people search. Google also provides full details about a trend so that you can analyze it. Further, you’ll also know How to Compare those or any Keywords.

Knowing Trends through Facebook

How to see Trends through Facebook

How to see Trends through Facebook

Whenever you search anyone through Facebook on Mobile, you see some Trends listed. That Trends appear because too many people post about it. So, the Trend is only limited to Facebook. When you’re on Desktop, you’ll surely see it on right side bar.

Knowing Trends through Twitter

How to see Trends through Twitter

How to see Trends through Twitter

Twitter trends prove amazing most of the times. Generally, Twitter trends go serious or many of the times it is based on other influences. So, you may consider Twitter Trends for your Blog or Video. But, there is more interesting option than this one!

Knowing Trends through Google Trends! (Recommended)

How to see Trends through Google

How to see Trends through Google

Google Trends is a service by Google to let people know what’s ongoing in the world. This will let you know everything about a single trend, number of searches, number of reactions from every single country. It also analyses Trend details pointing out a small/big city. This is the place where you are going to compare two different keywords. You’ll know it in the same article below 😉

Once you visit that Website, you can figure out everything!

Comparing Two different Trends with Google Trends

How to see Trends through Google

Comparing Trends by Using Google Trends

The best feature by Google Trends is, they let you explore and compare. Not only between two but, among many. With that it also compares its search data, country fame and many more things.

So, let’s compare keywords ‘Donald Trump‘ and ‘Hillary Clinton‘ on Google Trends!

Step 1: Click on the right hand side Menu Toggle.

Step 2: Click Explore

Step 3: Add a search term. eg. Donald Trump

Step 4: After adding first term, you’ll get an option of ‘+Compare‘. Click there and write another search term. eg. Hillary Clinton

Now see which Keyword is stronger in interest among the people!

This is what I saw on 14th December, 2016:

Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton on Google Trends

Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton on Google Trends

I showed you in a different way.. 😉 But, you may bring your technical keywords and test their fame! You may also Search for Celebrity which is searched the most on Google!

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