WordPress is now used by nearly 27% of total websites in the World. 27 seems a small number, but when seen on a larger scale it counts more than 74 million sites on the globe! This proves How efficient CMS it is πŸ™‚

In spite of all these facts, there are some usual problems for which WordPress Users leave using it. But, they never tried to explore what things can WordPress do. One of the problem everyone faces is: The Disabling of the option of changing the Image Upload Path after WordPress 3.5 πŸ™ But, there’s a solution for everything. Keep reading to know more πŸ™‚

History of Image Upload Path!

Many of you must be tired of the Image Path, www.yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/22/iqubex.jpg πŸ™ Reading this article you can make your URLs like this –> www.yoursite.com/uploads/files/2016/12/22/iqubex.jpg πŸ™‚

The Image Upload Path ChangingΒ  option was actually present in the Dashboard in WordPress 3.4 and below versions. But, WordPress removed the option because very few bloggers made use of it. Though that option disappeared, you can implement it again on WordPress!

Changing the Image Upload Path

If you want all your Images to be stored in http://www.yoursite.com/files, then you need to make a folder in your Directory named ‘Files‘. Then you just need to add the given snippet of code in wp-config.php file.

Note*: Do this only if you have basic information about what you are doing. Don’t just copy and paste it, but also avoid doing any changes in that file because it affects your whole WordPress core!

define( 'UPLOADS', ''.'files' );

If you need it in any other folder, such as http://www.yoursite.com/uploads/images. Write the code given below!

define( 'UPLOADS', 'uploads/'.'images' );

If you need your files to be placed in any other folder, you may freely do so by changing the path! Most of the times, you don’t even need to make any new folder because they are automatically created!

I hope you found my article useful πŸ™‚ If any doubt, feel free to ask me in Comments! πŸ˜‰

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    1. You may also rename that folder using Hide My WordPress Plugin πŸ™‚


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