IQubex updated to version 1.2

In this article, I want to let you know that IQubex updated to version 1.2! After four consecutive updates of themes in a year, this is the fifth one with whom we will enjoy! The first version was launched on 20th February, 2016 and then after this is fifth update! 😉 I want to say again, It’s the fifth update of the year!

Why so many Updates?

So many updates of theme clearly states that we were in Confusion. ❓ Specially, it was me in confusion. I made 4 themes using whole of my time and my talent of CSS and fell in the hole of choosing the best one 😳 In that way, I used all of the themes in the deck. As I was just started and didn’t took my readers seriously, I did it blindly.

But, a day after that I clearly understood that changing the appearance again and again is not good for creating a friendly environment! 😯 That was the time I stopped changing theme every month.

Still, I went for madness and got crazy with a theme and just updated after deciding that this theme will hopefully live long for two years! 🙂 That’s what I’m trying to convince my mind about this new theme.

This update was made today, i.e, 23rd of December, 2016, just two days before X-mas and 8 days before New Year! I bet that you  must have liked the newer one:

Screenshot of IQubex v.1.1

This was the screenshot of IQubex taken yesterday, The older version

A screenshot of IQubex v.1.2

The latest version of IQubex looks like this! 😉

Isn’t the newer one amazing? Tell it to me in Comments Section. (This actually motivates me to bring more amazing updates and articles) 🙂 You may also state any of your suggestions to improve this website to make it fully capable for you.

Posted by Kumar Abhirup

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