Welcome to another special content for WordPress users. Many of the times, when we get a new domain, we immediately change the default theme, edit the codes, set up names and things in customization toolbar as soon as we see the dashboard. Then slowly, people start looking for their required plugin.

But, it’s the time to change this. The second thing you should do after you customize the website is: Just activate some necessary plugins to give a good start. A good start is all about starting for SEO, Reducing the load on server, plugins for security, socially enabled website and quick pingbacks.

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5 plugins would change your website! 😉

I’m going to suggest you that auspicious plugins that every WordPress website should have. Having that may enlighten your website in a positive way.

[Note*: The usage of every plugin I suggest you is not that mandatory. It is just shown up for the betterment of every WordPress website. If you have alternatives for the plugins I suggest, there’s no exact need to replace it with new plugin.]

1. Jetpack by WordPress

5 Must Use Plugins for WordPress: JetPack

Jetpack by WordPress | Download Plugin

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This is one of the best plugins made by the parent company of WordPress, i.e. Automattic, Inc. This plugin alone has the characteristic of every useful plugin you need. This plugin is actually all-in-one plugin so that you won’t need to download different plugins for small bits of works.

It has the following functionalities:

  • Comments plugin
  • Photon
  • Image Corousel
  • Contact form
  • CSS and Javascript minification
  • Site Stats (Works same like Google)
  • and many more…

It also notifies you when your server and website falls down or comes up again. It actually notifies you through the Email so that you may tell your host about the occurrence of the problem.

This plugin should actually be active on every WordPress website to fly with Jetpack!

You may download it here.

2. Akismet by WordPress

5 Must use WordPress Plugins: Akismet

Akismet by WordPress | Download Plugin

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Akismet is a plugin which actually prevents every hacker to easily enter your dashboard and also filters away that spam comments which create a heck for you to check. Akismet checks every comment and it’s bot kicks away the spam comments. The most noticeable thing is, though it is a robot but it never kicks out positive comments when assuming it as a spammed. It also blocks all the malicious attempts of hackers on the website.

This plugin is actually important only if you receive many comments at a time. But secondly, if you want your website to be secured, this must be used.

You may download it here.

3. Yoast SEO for WordPress

5 Must Use plugins for WP: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO for WordPress | Download Plugin

Yoast SEO is a very nice and useful plugin for every blogger to get a rage spell to your Search Engine Optimization. It provides a good analysis for the article’s readability and SEO rank. It also let you change the meta description and title. It has many other options as well in premium pack.

So, for every blogger who needs his website to be fairly ranked, get Yoast SEO now!

4. Smush Image Compressor

Smush Image Compression

Smush Image Compression | Download Plugin

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Smush Image Compressor is the best option you should find for speeding up your images. It would also take your SEO up on engines but would also reduce load on server. Once you install this plugin, you may Smush 50 images at a time and then you have to do it manually. You may see the results of using this plugin on gtmetrix.com.

For increasing the speed to next level, you should use WP Super Cache. It cache(s) every page to simple HTML and has many other options to increase the speed.

Enjoy smushing images by downloading this plugin here!

5. Social Warfare

Social Warfare

Social Warfare | Download Plugin

Social Warfare is very necessary on the point of view of ability to share. Unlike other plugins, it has more easy user interface and has many other options which would take care of your SEO as well. The share buttons you are seeing on IQubex are all brought from Social Warfare.

So, why not try it? 😉 Download this plugin and let your readers make their friends your post seekers!

Now, its your turn

I have suggested you such useful plugins which would make your website as good as Swiss Army and as handsome as Batman. Now, its your turn to try out those plugins see their each and every setting and feature and use it properly. Good luck guys!

If you know more good plugins which aren’t present in the list, you may tell us your favorite plugin or your thoughts on this article in the comments section below 🙂

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