Everything which begins has an End. Will this Universe End? If yes, How’ll the Universe End? You’ll get your Answers by some of the theories thought by renowned Scientists.

It is found that the Universe is extending every second and every minute. This causes the energy of Universe to divide. And so, less energy is left with everyone. So, it is estimated that Universe will lose its energy in many different ways.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, is the theory describing about the birth of Universe. The Universe was very hot and fatal at that period. Big Bang was a wide blast which caused Planets to take birth. When Big Stone dashes a planet, a satellite belonging to the planet born. All stars got created and then planets revolving around it. Before Big Bang, there was nothing in Universe and after, Billions. This was the theory of birth. Now, we’ll learn about some ways in which Universe may End.

The End of Universe

A scenario of ending Universe

The Big Crunch Theory

This is the theory which has most possibility to happen after Billions of years. This theory is also known as Big Freeze Theory. As given in the word itself, this theory is about the End of the Universe which will take place by freezing of Planets, Stars and Other Bodies. This condition is just the opposite of Big Bang. Late after Big Bang, Heavenly Bodies started becoming cooler and cooler. And so we are here with the appropriate temperature for living a sustain life. Scientist believe that there’s one day on which all the stars will slowly stop emitting heat and light as they’ll become cooler. All the energy of Universe will get over. As there will be no energy, there will be no heat. If no heat, no Stars. If no Stars, Universe’ temperature will fall down causing freezing of all the heavenly bodies. Scientist named this possibility ‘The Big Crunch’,‘The Big Freeze’ or ‘The Big Chill’!

The Extending Universe

The Universe is extending its space on a large sacale every minute (As explained at the Starting). Everytime, even now, Universe is getting stretched a long. Due to this, it is a possibility of getting all the planets out of the track and going off their respective systems and more far away than its stars. This will cause all the empty space in Universe causing lack of heat and cooling down of whole universe. And Again, Universe will freeze down in its Way.

Disaster of Black Holes

The possibility of this theory is actually very rare. This is the theory which tells about a black hole’s Strong Gravity grabbing inside the whole Universe. Black Holes are formed when stars explode and forms a strong gravitational force. This theory will only take place when a star occupying more than 1/4th space of the Universe will explode.

Can this be prevented?

No, these disasters cannot be prevented using technology which we have now. Maybe possible after 100,000s of years….

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