Hey! I’m excited to tell you about another great Plugin I experienced these days. Have you all ever thought of an idea to connect Photographers and Bloggers? Standing out of the whole world, Essdras Suarez and Ido Sher Sever founded a brand called MillionEyez! That awesome plugin, which we are going to try out today 🙂 This would actually reinvent Visual Storytelling on the globe.

This venture is managed by the CEO Ido Sher Sever. The chief Photographer is Essdras Suarez, a two-time Pulitzer prizewinner photojournalist. I actually came to know about this plugin from Isabelle Garcia, who met me in Wordcamp Pune for the first time. Due to her, I was also able to talk to the chief blogger at MillionEyez, Yonit Tzuk.

I saw some blogs using MillionEyez on their every article they had. Therefore, the articles were full of stunning images which brought blog in the spotlight to be seen. Blogs using MillionEyez convinced me that effort taking photographers are filling out blogs with images with a ton of interest and passion.

Good relationship and communication between a blogger and photographer is what makes the final piece incredible! – Essdras

Why should you use MillionEyez?

MillionEyes never dis-optimizes your website speed at a great extent. Therefore, you do not need to think about your website speed with Photographer’s images. However, sometimes(rarely) it may slow your website down. This happens when a lot of photos are added to your photobox. I would explain you what’s Photobox, but before it, do not forget to read my article on How to optimize the speed of your WordPress Website. After you read those things, you may get your normal website speed if it got reduced by this plugin. Therefore, be carefree before you install this plugin!

With MillionEyez you can fulfill all your photo-wishes by fresh delivery of photos directly to your story by a global community of talented photographers. – Essdras and Ido Sher

Quality Photographers is the main key feature!

If you are talking about pictures, you’ll surely need only those pics which are related to your content and should be of high resolution with HD quality. All those lines are obeyed by the MillionEyes photographers by just providing you the quality content. You are also given chance to moderate the photos sent by the photographers. Therefore, no worries to get spammed!

Good writers often don’t have access to good images. Here you ask and they knock your door! – Essdras

Your Readers would love Open-Source!

Every writer tries to make his article engaging and interesting through various dynamical features. So, isn’t it a good idea to let your readers provide you their photos for making article fresher? MillionEyes plugin gives an option to readers to let them suggest their photos and let you decide whether to add them or not. Photographers will surely contribute but, wanna give a fair chance to readers too? This plugin will surely make your blog a LIVE AND ENGAGING PIECE of happiness! 🙂

Open Source actually makes your brand eligible to let people own your company secondly 😉 – Kumar Abhirup

What is PhotoBox?

PhotoBox is that element of your website about which I was constantly talking of. It is the container/place where your Photos slide and let people add their photos to PhotoBox.

You may add PhotoBox anywhere in article by clicking the button just on the immediate right of ‘Add Media‘ button. After you do that, you have to write the name of the PhotoBox and below it, your requirements about what type of images you need. Once your requirement reaches to MillionEyes photographers or your readers, you’ll start getting Photos in it which will make your article an Incredible Piece!

Positive Effects

  • When you use MillionEyez, your article reading community actually expands. It’s an awesome way for your blog to take a step towards Photographers.
  • Your article looks more dynamic and stunning!
  • You may describe your article content or the whole story step by step through the PhotoBox.

Really awesome! Isn’t it?

But… There are some facts you need to know.

  • It’s really not that easy to receive too many photographs from readers. If possible, photographers will surely give it to you. If you don’t get images in PhotoBox, it may arise you the need of adding images from your own account. You may get many photos if your blog is already famous or if you ask people to do so.
  • One MillionEyez account allows a photographer to add only 3 of his photos in the PhotoBox. They want each PhotoBox to have a variety of photos and not to be repetitive or too similar. Also, they want the photos to be relevant to the subject, in good quality and to show different point of views so the PhotoBox will be engaging and inspiring.

Whatever the facts are, the idea of plugin is very great, they’re fixing up the issues and you’re free to report any bugs on their Contact Page and help them grow. Overall, the plugin is good and I recommend it to you and after you install don’t forget to add PhotoBox on any of your article!  🙂

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