Want to keep a dragon with you looking at you continuously? Then, this illusion is perfect for you, your home & for surprising people! We’ll tell you ‘how to make it’ and ‘science behind it’. You can also watch about how the still dragon moves its head.

This is the article, which is related to Eye-Science. This illusion is a lot more than Science Fiction and can be shown by keeping it in a good place at home. To know how this illusion works, see the Video.

Staring Dragons

The dragons will look after you after they are made! Download PDF (Folder Page PDF) | Watch Video


Yes, you’re right. This Dragon will look at you. Down, Up, Right and Left, Dragon’s Eyes and Head will follow you! However, it is Still at one place. It looks 3D, but its made of paper which is bent inside!

I’ll not only tell you Science about it, but also ‘How to Make it’. I got an Idea about its Craft from Grand-Illusions.

Science Behind this Illusion

For knowing the Science Behind, you should first know the structure of Dragon. The head of the dragon is actually pushed inside and made in the way that dragon will look at you in entire 180°. As Dragon’s Head is known to you, you’ll make the Image of Dragon to Move though it is not Moving.

Many optical Illusions are created using this Idea. You can make this Dragon in 3 Colors and keep it as a Memo at Home or Office. This will also Surprise the people.

To make the Dragon, Download the PDF given above. That’s all what you need!

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