According to point of view of the Current American President: Donald Trump, number of immigrants to USA should be lessened so that it would cause more of Americans to get jobs. Today, the whole world knows the consequences of it and therefore causing protests throughout the world. The greatest fact is, 52% of US companies are anchored by Immigrants. US companies rock on almost whole of world out of which many are powered by Immigrants themselves. That means, the Silicon Valley would have been barely popular if the like-minded Trump would have took over USA in the year 2000.  😉

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The Greatness of Immigrants

From the medieval, whole world has been settling their businesses in US which made it a great Industrial Country. Many outsiders came in US for search of good opportunities to grow their business. This made America Great giving out good results and facilities to whole world.

Google is the biggest example out of it. Without Google, there would be no much awareness and learning curiosity in individuals. Without Facebook, there would be no great interactions between Far-Friends. Without Apple and Microsoft, you wouldn’t be introduced to reliable Hardware and Operating Systems. There are many more companies such as Ebay, Dropbox and Intel who has their headquarters in US.


These companies are pointed out, because in each company there is someone who was an Immigrant and has contributed a lot to their respective companies. 🙂 It’s like, without those Immigrants in USA it wouldn’t be possible to find out such names like Silicon Valley, when sitting outside USA. Currently, USA’s tech industry is powered by 52% of Immigrants. This number was slowly increasing but the same increasing variable is seeing obstacles in front because of someone’s evil thoughts to get rid of immigrants.

Bloomberg has brought you an exciting video to let you know about all those immigrants of USA. Be sure you watch it now!

Many of those instances are shown in the video above and that’s what I was eager to show you. Today you found Steve Jobs to be the son of a Syrian Immigrant and other amazing things you deserve to know. That’s all how immigrants made USA and the world enjoyed their products!
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