Internet is a powerful platform today and people use it for various purposes. People also earn from internet with certain tools, skills and resources available. One such powerful resource is YouTube. Yes, it is not just a website where people can view and share videos but can also make real money on commission basis. And there are various methods to make money via YouTube. 🙂

Make money on YouTube

Making Money on YouTube may be beneficial but it is a Time Killing thing and needs a lot of patience!

How it works

People often post their own videos on YouTube and if the video is interesting it attracts more number of users through sharing its link or by references by friends. There are many companies and business organizations that target videos with highest number of visitors and use those videos to link advertisements to their brands and products. This has driven many internet users create original and creative video contents to attract more number of viewers so their video is chosen by companies to post their ads. And when they use a video to link their ads to it, the benefit goes to the owner of video. This is known as partner program where a person with good number of viewers for his/her video(s) get to tie up as a partner with marketing companies who pay commissions for allowing the video to be uses as a source to promote their ads. This is one effective way how to make money on YouTube.

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You need a strategic mind 😮

There are many new and improved strategies and users on YouTube keep inventing them to attract more and new viewers. And such people spend a lot of time and resources in making innovative videos. People go places, do craziest things and involve famous people to make a video attract more audiences. There are many inspiring videos that have high number of viewers and they instantly become famous if it has a good social message. Many videos have emotional elements added to it to reach out to the hearts of people and they simply cannot stop sharing such inspirational videos. This in turn becomes viral and spreads faster and attracts many big brand and companies who wants to use such videos for promoting their business.

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Why do some YouTubers fail?

Though there are many ways about how to make money on YouTube, but still many fail in getting good number of viewers. That is because of the either quality of the video or the message in the video that does not attract the audiences. So it is very important to have a high quality video or a high definition video. Clarity of a video is very critical because if it is not of good quality people cannot notice certain elements in the video. Next aspect is the clarity of video in terms of understanding. People should be able to easily understand what the video is about and what message it is giving to the viewers. If the message and purpose is not clear, people will not like the video. Using vibrant colors, beautiful landscapes, nice music, famous people are some of the elements that make a video famous.

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