Ever since the evolution of Internet as a information medium millions of websites has been in existence and more new websites are continuing to emerge. Website today is not just an identity of an organization but emerging to become an identity of an individual as well. Having that said, the competition amongst all existing websites is drastic. Without viewers a website simply stays unnoticed for ever unless few steps are implemented to get viewers attraction.

Boost Website Traffic

Here are some tips on How you can Boost the traffic to your website!

More Attractive, More Traffic

It is true that a good website always gets good number of views. But it takes a lot of efforts to make a website good and visible. Needless to say a website that is visible in a search result gets more visitors. But making a website visible in search results is a difficult task in itself. It requires a lot of careful research and constant updating of website. A good key word in contents of a website always plays an important role in high visibility of the website.

Usually a website is made to portray products, services or some information to the viewers so they can visit the website and get what they want. So it is important to make use of keywords in the contents of website that are your products or services themselves or words that are related or define your products, services or information you wish to showcase. This is the most important aspect on how to get more website views. 😉

Some tips to Skyrocket your Website Traffic!

Here are some tips which would help you to make a large growth of traffic on your website!

Use of good keywords

Though keywords help getting visibility for a website, it is crucial that appropriate use of those keywords is taken care. Because keywords are important it does not mean using them every where will help. High usage of specific words is rather bad for a website as people end up ignoring such websites as a spam. Thus keywords must be used only wherever necessary and wherever it makes sense. Using words with right density and at right places in the contents of website is very important.

Keywords help greatly to let visitors easily target your website instead of you targeting them 😉


Another good way how to get more website views is by marketing the website on various classified websites, posting with help of paid ads and by email marketing. But again, you cannot simply promote your website every where. Only certain websites allow you to place free ads and some paid. But the catch here is, you need to promote your website on websites which already has high number of users. Some famous websites allow promoting your products, services or your website but they charge you certain amount as a fee.

Reaching Out

Advertising your website in newspapers, magazines and television are most effective means as it instantly catches audience attention and chances of people checking your website out of curiosity is often high. But this is expensive means of promoting your website. However, there are other means which does not cost you a penny. Some of them include talking about your website among your friends, colleagues, family and relatives and seek a favor of spreading the news about your website with their friends and family. But before this course, you need to ensure they are clearly aware what your website is about and how your viewers can benefited.

Join Clubs and Programmes

This is also a part of the ‘Reaching Out’ tendency. When you join programmes, you get a very nice chance of Networking which ultimately leads to your advertisement. There are many IT programmes which needs a ticket to enter and then you can just start enjoying yourself 😉 Not literally, but when you join such clubs you get a great knowledge which helps you in your development. Be sure you have your visiting cards with you when you go to such places. When people get to know about you, a general ‘Word-of-mouth’ magic starts. If there was something new in your promotion or work, people will surely talk about you with their mates.

These aren’t any tricks, but a formal thing which everyone should try out to promote. These ways are not based on technicalities of SEO or anything else. These types of promotions will just help you to get a good start and Skyrocket your website from 0 views to at least 50 🙂

I bet you won’t like your website to be unnoticed and no one else in world likes that. Be sure you share this article those who frequently question about real traffic and your comments are warmly welcomed! 🙂

Posted by Kiran Kumar

An extrovert who appreciates modern day internet technology and loves to write about them. Internet is the future and I believe is where you need to make a strong presence to survive competition of the market in the future.

I am a dedicated professional who loves to contribute to the growth of the internet and guide people in making their strong digital presence.


  1. Skyrocketing cannot be done in a week itself, needs hard work and time. SEO needs nearly an year or more to qualify because of competition. More successful method could be only the SEO instead of that advertisings and all.


  2. I appreciate your views and agree to the point that skyrocketing isn’t a week job but you need to constantly work to make it better. While I agree to the fact that it takes a year or maybe more for SEO to really qualify, with certain techniques you can surely set the right path in a weeks time. Remember, a week is just the beginning of first step and not the final one.


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