How to transform your phone into a "Google Pixel" smartphone?

Here’s How you can transform your phone into “Google Pixel” in just 5 minutes without rooting!

  1. First install Nova launcher from Play Store.
  2. Now after installing and open it and they will ask if you need the Google Pixel look . Click Next.
  3. Now they will ask you if you want the dark background or white background. Choose according to you preference.
Overall Pixel Theme

This is the look of the Pixel Theme, really awesome isn’t it?

4. Now click on card or immersive mode. I really like the immersive mode and I recommend you to attach it.

Card and Immersive

Here’s that heavenly “App drawer style”!

5. Now go into Nova settings and customize however you like.

6. You can also insert the ‘swipe up’ mode or normal app drawer icon depending on your preference.

7. To get the Google search bar and time settings , go to desktop->Search Bar style and click on the features you’d like.

Cool Google Searchbox style Editing facilty

The gorgeous Search Style!

8. Now to feature the option which made the Google Pixel a success: Okay Google! Hotword. To initiate this feature go to “Gestures and input” and click on “Okay Google Hotword” Now go to settings and they will ask for your voice.

The ultimate Voice Callibration

Here’s one more! The intelligent Google Voice Recognition!

9. That’s it and you’re done. It’s pretty simple. Much easier than thought, isn’t it? 😉

For your instant understandings, I made an effort of creating it visually for you. Feel free to refer it and don’t forget to subscribe my channel: Click the link if there occurs any problem loading video here… Hopefully, you’ll see my video just below 🙂

Note: You don’t need the premium version of Nova Launcher. You can do it in free mode too but if you want extra features feel free to install the premium version. 🙂 (Nothing Sponsored)

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