Molding machines are machines used in producing exactly a copy of a required component through casting into a mold. As a matter of fact, some molding machines are used for plastic molding while some other for the molding of metals. Molding has to do with; creating a cavity of the component to be molded, melting a material and of course casting. Although, there are other processes involved such as; gating, venting, etc but one thing is sure and it is that virtually every molding operation makes use of the same process even Tekcast machines. That’s what you’ll know today, Tekcast Spin Molding machine.

Unfortunately, most molding machines around do not have the ability of combining both plastic and metal molding and this makes it difficult for them to be used especially in our workshop operations for students’ practical training. This is where Tekcast Spin Molding machine comes in. It is a molding machine that gives satisfactory and perfectly finished plastic or metal casting to the taste of both the designer and end user. It comprises of three portable machines which each are nothing more than the size of a Table-Top Fridge.

As mentioned earlier, these machines comprise of three table-top-sized machines used together for the actualization of one molding operation. The three machines are:

  • Vulcanizing machine
  • Melting Machine
  • Spin casting machine

Mold Preparation

The first step in this molding operation is the preparation of the mold. As a matter of fact, the mold is made of a silicon material which can be easily worked on. You can use a sharp knife or any other sharp object to create an impression which represents the cavity of the component which you want to reproduce. You can use a prototype of the components to achieve this cavity. However, this will create a cavity that will take exactly the shape of the component just as in the case of key impressed into a bar soap.


After creating as many cavities as possible in the mold depending on the size of the component as well as the size of the mold, you can subject the mold to vulcanization using vulcanizing machine. The vulcanizing machine turns the mold into a thermo-set thereby making the mold to be strong enough to withstand heat as well as harden the walls of the cavities in the mold.

Gating and Venting

The next step is to create vents and gates using sharp instruments. This is to enhance easy flow of the molten plastic or metal into the cavities during spinning and molding thereby absorbing air bubbles.

Melting Machine

The melting machine is another important machine as it serves as a furnace where the plastic or metal is melted before it can be used. It has ability of melting any metal irrespective of its melting point. These melted substances are used in the casting or molding of the components.

Spin Casting Machine

This is where the molding actually takes place. The thermo-set silicon mold is placed inside of this machine and the melted plastic or metal is introduced through the upper opening of the Spin casting machine. The molten plastic or metal flows through common center and gates to fill each cavity. The filling of each cavity is done uniformly because; molding is in the spinning state. This is exactly why this is called spin casting. The spinning of the mold enables uniform flow of the molten metal or plastic and also ensures that all air bubbles are evacuated through the vents.

Here’s a video brought for you by Tekcast to explain you the basics of machine.

Advantages and Benefits

Below are some of the advantages of Tekcast Spin Molding machines over other molding machines;

  • They are well over 20% cheaper than the cheapest molding machine in the market.
  • They are not restricted to just one product mold. In other words, you can use them for variety of products. This is because; you are the one creating the cavities yourself.
  • Students can create product of their choice in the mold. In other words, the machines allow creation of your own mold for any component.
  • They are 3 in 1 portable/moveable molding machines which can be moved from one point to another without much stress.
  • They do not require high amount of electric energy as compared to other molding machines.
  • The finish products do not require any more machining as they are smooth and ready to be used at the instance of molding completion.
  • They can be used in the molding of both plastic and metal components.
  • The rate of molding per hour is high as compared to other molding machines so they can be used for mass production.
  • Students become industrialists right from school as the machines help in teaching them what production process is all about.
  • The machines make use of spin casting which ensures uniformity and faster cooling.


Product: Tekcast Spin Molding Machines


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