Parallax scrolling is recent and very effect computer graphics and web designing technique. In this design, parallax and single page design is used in combination, where the images in the background move slower than those in the foreground, creating a 3D effect while scrolling. This creates a depth of illusion on a normal 2D page. This technique is still used in gaming today to create a 2D side-scrolling effect, so that multiple viewpoints are created from which one can easily observe an object against a far-flung background.

Parallax Effect

The Parallax Effect!

This is an awesome technique, but needs to be used wisely, otherwise it can be pretty overwhelming for the users. Now, there is an awesome WordPress theme that is perfect if you want to incorporate this technique to your website. CyberChimps Parallax Pro is a great multipurpose theme which has the full-width scroll for the background images on a webpage.

Parallax Pro – The Best Parallax WordPress Theme

Now that we have understood what the parallax effect is all about, let’s have a closer look at the Parallax pro theme for this purpose, and all the amazing features that it has to offer.


For this effect, you can choose the speed for each image. You can even set up a different image for each element, like the slider, boxes, portfolio, and products.


You can set up beautiful full-width backgrounds that will wow your users and give them a completely unique experience on your website.

Fully Responsive

With CyberChimps Parallax Pro, you do not have to worry which device your users come to your website through. It is 100% responsive for desktops, laptops, tablets, and all other wireless devices.

Drag and Drop

Parallax Pro gives you amazing drag and drop features, with the touch-friendly drag-and-drop option on a per page basis. This allows you to have control and customize the look and feel of every page on your website. You can use this great feature for a header, logo, portfolio, callout section, widget, boxes, breadcrumbs, carousel, and recent posts, besides many others.


You can customize the typography exactly according to your needs, as this theme is works with all Google fonts. So the look of your page can be just the way you want it. It is also translation ready, so you can reach out to more users geographically as needed.


You can add a callout section with a call to action icon/button via the callout element. This will enable you to direct your users to effective call to actions as intended.

Product Element

Parallax Pro Product Element

Parallax Pro – Product Element

Use the product element to highlight custom content. You can showcase your best content and products just the way you want, so as to get maximum footage, leading to effective user engagement and far more reach.


Parallax Pro Carousel

Parallax Pro Carousel

There is the carousel element which allows you to make an awesome transition effect. This works amazingly well when you want to showcase important images controlled by arrowed navigation.

Browser Compatibility

Parallax Pro has been optimized for all the latest browser versions, from Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, to Internet Explorer. This allows all your users to experience the effect no matter which device or browser they might be using.


You will get access to the Pro Support Forums run by experienced and dedicated staff to solve all your smallest needs and queries.

Parallax Pro is powered by WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3. It is one of the most advanced Parallax WordPress themes around, and can be used for any type of website, be it e-commerce, content based, or even service related.

This theme is really great if implemented smartly and in the correct way. It will up the visual appeal of your website, and definitely increase user engagement, which is vital for the success of any website. So, waste no more time and get the parallax effect for your webpage, and sit back and enjoy the fact that your users are more engaged, and more importantly, happier than ever before.

You can even check out other amazing themes by CyberChimps here. There is one to suit the needs of every webmaster out there.

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