Hi guys, I’m here with a new article which will let you know the whole structure of Facebook Content Monetization and everything in detail about the latest announcement made by Mark Zuckerburg describing that Videos can now be monetized giving you a 55% share!

Facebook will now make it possible for millions of you, to use your content smartly bringing you bucks through the videos and live stream by April 2017! Mark Zuckerburg

Still, there’s some important things to know beforehand

This feature would only allow you to monetize your Live Stream with Ads. Morever, this feature will be coming in April 2017 and so, you need to wait for short. And upon it, Facebook has also announced that normal non-live videos will be able to monetize after May/June 2017. In this article, you are only going to know about the Live Streaming Monetizing on Facebook.

Earn Money through Facebook

Here’s the only and only correct guide for you to know completely about Facebook Monetization!

How are Ads shown in the Live Video?

It would actually be exactly like Television. When your Live Stream completes a Milestone of ‘300 people watching’ live counter, then you’ll see an option of Showing Ads to those people. Then, the Ad will take the whole screen and would display for maximum 20 seconds. Most of times, the Ad may be 5 seconds or 10 seconds long but would not trouble your viewers for long.

How will be the Payments made by Facebook?

It is not at all a difficult task. Its easy to configure once you are eligible to show ads on Videos. There will be three easy options and the most easiest of them is PayPal. You have to just provide your PayPal Email and the money would then be at your service! 😉 If you lack of PayPal account, Set up your PayPal Account here.

Payment Method may vary in different countries according to the environment Facebook finds there. Most Probably, in India, Facebook may provide an option of PayPal and PayTM. None other than Facebook is yet sure about Debit Card payment. However, you would come to know about it soon.

Seems like an awesome announcement to use your audience. Right? But, just wait before you celebrate. There are still some Terms and Conditions for that and those are pretty difficult for the starters. 🙁

What are those terms?

  1. You at least need 2000 followers whether you have a Fan Page or your Own Profile.
  2. Its mandatory to have a Live Stream done before which had at least ‘300 people watching live‘!

This may not be a big Deal for Mashable and TechCrunch, but for the beginners who have just set out for the online career. They’ll need to make fan pages because bringing 2000 followers to a normal User Profile is a giantic work which is better if left. 😉

I’ll explain you each Term in brief

#1: At least need 2000 followers

If you’re planning to bring 2000 followers to your Facebook Profile, that’s indeed a great work if you aren’t a celebrity. For making such a list, you need a brand. And for a brand, pages prove as a best choice! 2000 likes to a page doesn’t mean that it is eligible for monetization. If it has only 1997 followers in spite of 2000 likes, page owner won’t be eligible for monetization unless he gets more 3 likes.

#2: 300 people watching live

Imagine you gathered 2000 followers somehow, but there’s still an exam remaining! You have to live stream without monetization first, and then if you reach to 300 people watching live, then and only then, you’ll be eligible for showing Ads on your content. Or else, it would still be a dream for you.

However, this must not be a problem for most of the established brands and I hope they do well after the “Inspiration of Facebook from YouTube”! 😀

Some tips before you start

#1: Start making your Follower List from now!

Not a problem if you have only 200 followers yet, you may grow it and make the use of your audience in a right way in April 2017 when this exciting Facebook Feature will be launched. Start promoting your Fan Page from now itself so that you can start for monetized videos soon after launching of this feature.

#2: Start uploading your YouTube channel videos to your Facebook Page

If you have a YouTube channel already, you have a right chance to double your earnings by uploading the same videos on Facebook. Uploading doesn’t mean that you’ll share the YouTube video link, but it means that “you need to Spend time again uploading“!

Note*: The video monetizing feature is not yet completely announced. Till now it is only said that this feature will be coming in May/June 2017. I’m only sure about Live Stream Monetizing and therefore focus more on it as it coming to you in April 2017! 🙂

#3: Link every of your Social Media profile to Facebook

Whether it is LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc. Start moving your followers on other Social Media profiles to Facebook requesting them to connect with you on Facebook. This will greatly help you if you have 500 followers on Twitter and 15 on Facebook. In such cases, taking those followers to Facebook is necessary!

This is an Informal Explanation, wanna read Facebook’s Official one?

Here’s the link where you can get to know about Facebook Monetization Criteria right through the Facebook’s Blog. Maybe you are not explained as entirely as here on Facebook Blog but I thought it a need to show you the Official Language of Facebook. 😉

I hope you like my sayings, tips and illustrations. If yes, be sure you help me too for building my 2000 followers 😉 on Facebook so that I can come to you with a Monetized Live Stream in few months. Be sure you Subscribe our YouTube channel for more updates.

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