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How does ClickBait affect your health!

now how doing Clickbaits can directly affect your health and what good and bad things are caused due to it. Confused? Clickbait is nothing but distracting headlines. When they are used, they are used with an intention of receiving traffic. When comes traffic, comes conversions and then money. (Not always) Even YouTubers use it a lot. Especially, Gaming YouTubers. They say something wonderful and end up showing something different.

Server Side Scripting VS Client Side Scripting 0

The difference between Server Side Scripting and Client Side Scripting

Anytime wondered about SSS and CSS? Here I do not mean Cascade Stylesheet, I meant Client Side Scripting. What’s SSS? Its Server Side Scripting. Both the terms have a good explanation so that whenever you hear such a word from your developer/programmer or a designer you won’t be worried about it. In this article, I’m gonna introduce you Pros and Cons of SSS and CSS with a video to figure out exact difference in it with some examples.

How to download a particular font from a website 0

How to download a particular font from a website?

Hi, I got super-crazy after seeing a font on and started researching about that font. I tried writing ‘TheGuardian Font’, ‘TheGuardian Font Family’ on Google, but found nothing. šŸ™ So, what’s the solution? I needed it urgent for a project and finally striked with an idea of keeping an eye on the Inspect Element feature of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

How to make vinubis stylish name banner on your video 2

How to Write your Name on a stylish banner in your video?

Hi again, and I have came back with a fresh read on how you can make a Banner which includes your name in a video! Such elements will help you to enhance your video at a new level. If you have that, viewers will find it easy to know your name or what the video is about. This article doesn’t tell you about this particularly. I’ll be reviewing a venture named VINUBIS. This is the tool which we are gonna use today to make your video simply futuristic!

How to recove your deleted-files 0

How to recover your Permanently Deleted Files on Desktop?

Whenever we delete our very important file which wasn’t expected to be, then we frustrate our minds blaming ourselves. šŸ˜  But hereby, you won’t be doing that because I’m gonna tell you How you can get your Permanently Deleted files back! So after you learn this tip, I guess you’ll try deleting a file and whenever after you’ll plan to delete another file, you’ll never think about its consequences.

A WordPress Plugin to greet your readers 0

A FREE WordPress plugin to Greet your readers on any occasion!

Hey readers, I’m back with a new article which will help you to Greet your Readers on Right Time with Right Animation! In this article, I’ll be talking about a Plugin developed by IQubex itself and therefore, you are free to express your talks towards the plugin and I may help you out! šŸ™‚

Indian SEO Services and its struggle to remain the best 0

Indian SEO Services and its struggle to remain best choice

With wide spread rise in the dependency on Internet Technology, there have been millions of new websites emerging every year. And with rise in population of these websites, it is also becoming difficult for survival of a website. And to avoid your website from just getting lost in ocean of websites, you need something to hold it up at all times. SEO or Search Engine Optimization does that right job in keeping your website on high visibility. And there are many SEO services company that help your website in getting more exposure.