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WhatsApp Hacking

The reality of WhatsApp Hacking, Revealed!

WhatsApp spy! WhatsApp Hack online! WhatsApp Hacking Tool! WhatsApp hack for Android! Hack WhatApp account using Phone Number! are the searches which are thrown over to Google and YouTube million times a month. Did you got at least something after...

/ October 23, 2017
How to make vinubis stylish name banner on your video

How to Write your Name on a stylish banner in your video?

Hi again, and I have came back with a fresh read on how you can make a Banner which includes your name in a video! Such elements will help you to enhance your video at a new level. If you...

/ April 17, 2017
Google Year In Search 2016

Year In Search 2016 Revealed

As analyzed on every year, Google launched its Year In Search analysis 2016. This included analysis about every search and every topic and its popularity. This year was different than all others because this time Google tried to analyze Year...

/ December 26, 2016
What's Trending?

How to Compare Popularity of different Keywords!

Comparing Popularity of different keywords is necessary for every Blogger, YouTuber, Celebrity and Public Figure. Trends let them know, what are people interested in. A research tells, 90% of trend explaining posts goes successful as people are more curious in...

/ December 14, 2016
What is the largest possible number of views does YouTube count for a single video?

What is the highest number of views YouTube can count for a single video?

YouTube has a limit for no. of views a video can have. Before 2012, this was a small number. But, YouTube never thought that the world population will get crazy just for a Gangnam video!

/ November 27, 2016
Facebook Vs Twitter

Facebook Vs Twitter! Who’ll win?

Hey! Welcome to this interesting article which will be discussing whose better… Facebook or Twitter? I’m not going to talk much about their incomes but I’ll only tell my Opinions about these both platforms. Facebook is a corporation and online...

/ November 7, 2016
How to exchange faces with Photoshop

How to Exchange Faces with Photoshop CS3

Imagine a photoshoot with your charming family. How cool it would be if you can exchange your faces among each other! This would be a funny result. Photoshop Software makes this Imagination True. You’re going to learn it in few...

/ November 6, 2016