Month: November 2016

What is the largest possible number of views does YouTube count for a single video?

What is the highest number of views YouTube can count for a single video?

YouTube has a limit for no. of views a video can have. Before 2012, this was a small number. But, YouTube never thought that the world population will get crazy just for a Gangnam video!

/ November 27, 2016
How to have a Good Startup for a Blog?

How to have a Good Startup for a Blog

Many people think of making their own blog after getting inspired from other blogs. The idea is really good! But, the main question is: How to Start a Blog/Website? Most of the people just Google it and they find many...

/ November 21, 2016
How to Speed Up your Website?

How to Speed up your Website by reducing seconds of Load!

Speed is a very important concern even for a common website! Speed holds an important role to decide the number of visits and readers to your website. In this article, you'll know How to Analyze the Speed of your website...

/ November 16, 2016
Top 5 Antivirus to save your PC

Top 5 Antivirus to save your PC

Everyone in this world needs Security. As you know, Even Computers need security. It needs to be protected by killers like Virus, Trojans and many more. So, here's the list I would like to introduce you about Top 5 Antiviruses!

/ November 14, 2016
An Honest ShareAsale Review

An Honest ShareAsale Affiliate Platform Review

ShareAsale is an Affiliate Platform which helps bloggers to connect various Merchants who want to willingly advertise their products by your help. It is also friendly with the Merchants which make the platform live with a mess of Affiliate Marketers.

/ November 11, 2016
How to make a calculator with PHP?

How to make a calculator with PHP

Hi! PHP is a programming language which makes a website Dynamic. It does many functions such as creating sessions, destroying sessions, forming cookies, sending mails and even Calculating! Here in this article, I have brought you an easiest calculator which...

/ November 9, 2016
Facebook Vs Twitter

Facebook Vs Twitter! Who’ll win?

Hey! Welcome to this interesting article which will be discussing whose better… Facebook or Twitter? I’m not going to talk much about their incomes but I’ll only tell my Opinions about these both platforms. Facebook is a corporation and online...

/ November 7, 2016
How to exchange faces with Photoshop

How to Exchange Faces with Photoshop CS3

Imagine a photoshoot with your charming family. How cool it would be if you can exchange your faces among each other! This would be a funny result. Photoshop Software makes this Imagination True. You’re going to learn it in few...

/ November 6, 2016
Characteristics of a good website

What are the characteristics of a Good Website?

A Website has few common things which each and every website on the web has. They are most probably header, body and a footer. A website is always incomplete without a header and body. These are the things which everyone...

/ November 5, 2016
Submitting a Plugin to WordPress Repository

How to add your plugins to WordPress Repository

Hey Readers! This article is made specially for those who want to Contribute to WordPress to make it more good by giving their auspicious plugins. Plugins extend the capability and features of WordPress. Each and every plugin has a good...

/ November 4, 2016