Month: December 2016

Google Year In Search 2016

Year In Search 2016 Revealed

As analyzed on every year, Google launched its Year In Search analysis 2016. This included analysis about every search and every topic and its popularity. This year was different than all others because this time Google tried to analyze Year...

/ December 26, 2016
A screenshot of IQubex v.1.2

IQubex updated to version 1.2

In this status update, I want to let you know that IQubex updated to version 1.2! After four consecutive updates of themes in a year, this is the fifth one with whom we will enjoy! The first version was launched...

/ December 23, 2016
How to change the Image Upload Location on WordPress

How to change the Image Upload Location on WordPress 3.5 or above

WordPress is now used by nearly 27% of total websites in the World. 27 seems a small number, but when seen on a larger scale it counts more than 74 million sites on the globe! This proves How efficient CMS...

/ December 22, 2016
What's Trending?

How to Compare Popularity of different Keywords!

Comparing Popularity of different keywords is necessary for every Blogger, YouTuber, Celebrity and Public Figure. Trends let them know, what are people interested in. A research tells, 90% of trend explaining posts goes successful as people are more curious in...

/ December 14, 2016
Best Website Maker of 2016

Best Website Maker of 2016: Weebly!

After the company's ten years of experience, Weebly has became most efficient Drag and Drop website maker of the world. Today, its being used by many corporate/non-blogging developers. Read More to know more!

/ December 7, 2016
How to allow users to register on our Website

How to let users Login/Register on your Website through PHP?

Login/Register Platform is very necessary when you need to give your users a special identity on your Website. For developing Login System, MySQL Server is mainly used. Login/Registering System enables a developer to know his visitors and to obtain a...

/ December 2, 2016