Indian Education system sucks!

Indian Education System sucks! In this article, I will be completely convincing you to my best strength that how does the Indian Education System murders creativity and logic.

In 2018, when I’m writing this article at 10′ o clock morning on a Sunday in India,  I’m feeling open with fresh mind. Here, I you won’t be reading about the structure of education system and society’s hate for Arts and Commerce fields. I will be talking about the everyday torture that everyone in Indian schools has to face.

Well, that may seem like a lot but please do note… Schools are a lot of fun when it comes to friends. But when schools are about of unnecessary compulsions, its better to be at home. Here, I will be writing the foms of torture that students do often face in Indian schools.

Unnecessary languages

Don’t mind me, but this is a serious but unnotified problem here. India is full of diversity and I’m proud of that. But this diversity arises an unresolved problem. That is, languages. When you are made to learn Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit in an English School, you’ll come to know where you had a waste of time particularly. I love speaking Marathi and Hindi more than English. And I can fluently speak the conversational Marathi and Hindi at many times. Not only me, but almost everyone in Indian Maharashtrian schools. If someone wants to learn a language, sure.. they can. If someone wants to master literature, make a different class for them. But if majority hates it, why do you teach them? Well, that isn’t school’s mistake. It’s the education board which makes schools mandatory to do so. Now, honestly, keeping your language love aside, tell in the comments section whether you need those languages when you know it. English, on an other hand, is not fluent for all of us in India, so its appropriate for English to be a subject for all the schools.

Well, I mentioned Marathi and Hindi. But there’s a language which is outdated and no longer in use. I’m sorry if you love that language: Sanskrit. In majority of Indian schools, this language is taught as an alternative to Hindi to gain more marks in 10th. Sounds like a joke.. right? There are many schools where children are taught French as an alternative to Hindi. And I admire that because those schools have recognized how dull Sanskrit is now in real life and no more in use. Oh yeah, sanskrit is used in USA in rare cases where scientists have to hide the meaning of the sentence, so they write it in a difficult language called Sanskrit. But that isn’t enough.

Good alternative to Sanskrit might be French and Spanish. Now keep your devotion and proud of Sanskrit aside and think practically.

काव्य शास्त्र विनोदेन कालो गच्छति धीमताम्

This is a sanskrit verse which means…

Learned persons spend their time in discussing poetry, literature and other entertainment

Well, now you know that this Sanskrit verse is no where relevant to today’s life. Is it that only the persons who spend time learning literature and poems are learned? This language is now stale and hasn’t changed over time. English, Marathi and Hindi updated themselves and so are in use. But when such useless verses are added in syllabus to learn… this language needs a reinvention. Yeah I know, this language is great to learn history, but there should be no compulsion for that. Only the ones who wants to be an archaeologist should be taught this language.

Now, you may come up with a reason of “Protecting language and culture”. Think practically, is it so important to learn these verses which teach us the old things? No! Never!

Indian Education System

Others generate graduates. India generates donkeys.

Unnecessary activities

No activity is unnecessary. Some activities are unnecessary for someone while some are useful for seomeone. It depends on you. How about those activities you don’t like? You might love drawing. But some might hate. You might love sports. But some might hate. I might love computers, but you might hate. And there are many more activities which has love-hate opinions. Personally, I do hate Drawing and Sports. By sports, I mean outdoor sports. I like to play and excerise but when it becomes a compulsion by school, it sucks! I hate drawing simply because I can’t draw nicely. There are lots of things I love. I love programming, I love playing chess. Don’t consider me lazy because I also love swimming. What I just mean is, we should have freedom to chose upon what we want to do and what we don’t want to do. Because compulsions doesn’t make us good, but it makes us hate the things.


Compulsions doesn’t make us good, but it makes us hate the things.

There are many compulsions on which I laugh upon. The biggest compulsion I laugh upon is… “No medium sized hair“. What a joke.. right? But this compulsion is made to relate with discipline. What the hell these Indian Schools figure out the relation between Hairs and Discipline? Every school behaves like size of hairs is inversely proportional to discipline. Lesser the size of hairs, more comes the discipline. I understand, that crampy and ugly sized hairs are bad. Who likes such hairs? But, majority of Indian schools doesn’t even allow normal sized hairs. Staff says, “Rules are Rules. Soldiers don’t keep medium sized hairs. Learn from them.” Seriously? Is it like you will frame rules anyhow you wish? And about soldiers.. Please first of all do note that we don’t want to be soldiers. And whoever wants to, may cut his hairs or may be without hairs. I don’t care. But I know who I am and I don’t need this useless rules. Not only me, but the majority of students in India. Sorry for that language, but this was just what my mind says.

There are many more useless compulsions you face in school. You may share those in comment section down below. Not all compulsions are useless. Many are important. I’m just opposing the ones which doesn’t make sense anymore.


Yes, it is not only a problem in India but everywhere else. Don’t take me wrong. This is just my opinion.

Uniform is something which makes us feel the difference between Home and School. Well, uniforms were built and invented in the Industrial age where being strictly disciplined was important. But today, we live in the internet age. When a student is in uniform whole day and when coming at home, he/she expresses the anger on uniform by throwing it throughout the home, we can figure out how frustrating these uniforms are. Why not schools be like homes where we have our freedom to enjoy and learn together? Let us get rid of this difference which is purposely created by schools which tampers your life.

Just think of How cool it will be to wear the normal dresses in schools.. Ditch all those uniforms. When you will ditch uniforms, you will start loving school life much more than ever.

The love for marks

In India, marks are more important than what you understand. However marks you might get, by cheating or copying… doesn’t make a difference. Marks are Marks. These marks decide your future. Got more than 85%? Welcome to Science and Engineering fields! Got a bit lesser? Be ready for harrasment in Arts and Commerce colleges. In India, Science is considered to be superior to Arts and Commerce. If you learn Arts or Commerce here, you’ll be considered as the one who didn’t studied in schools.

Now you tell me. You get these marks when you know languages like Sanskrit. If a student made a mistake there, he might end messing up with his or her career. That means, Indian education system is the best example which teaches us to learn unnecessary things to learn necessary things. It taught us that you need to learn unnecessary things to build a bright career.

Such an education system should do something or die at once. We need a change.

Now you know why!

And much more…

There are many things which goes wrong in my and your school. If I wrote about those, I will end up writing whole series of it there itself.

So guys, that’s it! I will keep updating this article when I face another wierd thing in my school. Stay tuned for that! If you liked this article, be sure you share it because there are many students who need to know what’s wrong with the system they are in.

Anyways, I need to carry out these unnecessary things just because I can’t quit now. Just like all the Indians, I’m also in the race of marks. Just like everyone, I’m also helpless and there’s nothing more I can do than enjoying this torture for a bright future. After all, Indian education system is teaching you to face most wierd situations in the life and makes you prepared for the same.

Kumar Abhirup

I'm Kumar Abhirup. I'm running this blog passionately since February 2016 when I was 12 years old. I'm from Nashik, The vine capital of India. I share words about my life experiences and interests... all at once!

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2 Responses

  1. Timo says:

    Finally someone who understands! I love what you wrote, and I completely and whole heartedly believe that what you said is the utmost truth. I hope that one day things will change, and the vision we see will be true.

  2. Exact says:

    I studied half of 5th grade in the us and half in India, I can tell the difference.
    It’s torture and I don’t know what to do.

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