My session about Teaching WordPress to Kids in Wordcamp Nagpur

I had a talk at Wordcamp Nagpur on 25th June 2017 about “How cool it could be if WordPress is added in School Syllabus“. If I were simply asked about the topic I’m gonna spoke about, I would describe it as “Teaching WordPress to Kids”. What is it probably gonna be? What talk had I  delivered there? This is what I’m revealing here.

Things I talked about

  • Why should WordPress be introduced to Kids?
  • How should WordPress be introduced to Kids?
  • What is my Tech Journey?
  • Some things you must consider

Why should WordPress be Introduced to Kids?

This is long-termed topic which needs a long discussion. Kids are always excited for every new thing they face. They won’t bother whether the thing is going to harm them or not. This is what makes them vulnerable to harmful things. Therefore, parents need to take special care of them. But, what if they face an amazing thing? One would never know when an hobby turned into a livelihood. And it is always great to see your hobby as a career, or else life becomes a bread without butter.

Do what you like and Like what you do.

Hobbies are developed at Schools and not at Jobs

As illustrated above, Hobbies are the only ones who help us to maintain our happiness throughout the life. Hobby may be anything. Reading, Writing, Singing, Hearing Songs and every hobby you’re concerned with. These are not only hobbies, they can bring you bucks if used smartly. If you got your job once with an undeveloped hobby, you won’t get a chance to re-develop it because you were engaged in other works. But if there’s a child dependent on reliable parents, he/she won’t have a pressure of earning money. He/she is free to learn, develop and ready himself/herself to face this world. A child often as a wonderful hobby in which he is perfect. How brilliant will a future be if the same hobby turned out into a career?

That’s what I’m trying to tell you. If hobbies like blogging on WordPress is developed brilliantly at a small age, he can be an expert when big. However, you can’t develop your hobby of blogging that efficiently a child can, at the age of 22 and more unless you work in the blogging field. This means that Teenage is the best time to learn WordPress!

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The Kiddie Tendency

The hobbies of a kid are actually not hobbies. But a play. They enjoy playing and experimenting with hobbies which makes hobby an incredible piece of knowledge. If a kid got to know that his/her hobby can be shaped as a career, then he/she will be more curious and will work more for his/her future.

No Struggle

Struggle comes when an well-aged and fairly educated person lack jobs. This happens because they did not had a dream in childhood. That was because of the Mark-Field tendency. If got more marks, you get Science in your destiny. If you scored well with fair marks, then comes Art/Commerce in your destiny. Still after getting fair education, many lack jobs. So, if a child had dreams and an idea about what is he gonna do in future, he would try his best to get one thing done with one aim. He won’t wonder for jobs here and there.

A single aim makes a goal but two aims can’t.

You all know how bright field of work is WordPress. So, instead of a possible struggle, why not introduce WordPress to kids at their small age?

And that’s why, WordPress should be introduced to kids!

How should WordPress be introduced to Kids?

This a HOW after the WHY. From a kids perspective, its really easy for them to learn even the basics of WordPress! I mean, its just like a gameplay for a kid to roam around in normal WordPress Dashboard. Let him/her simply know that this dashboard is connected to the website and whatever changes kid does in dashboard is reflected right on the website. That’s the only thing a kid should know.

And after, leave him alone for 30 minutes and he’ll end up changing your website somehow. The change may be good or bad, (most of the times bad). 🙁 It happens because he/she wasn’t knowing what will be the change. Now, instead of handing them over your website, just let them own a WordPress dashboard on localhost. They’ll write stupid posts firsts. They’ll install stupid plugins. They’ll try activating and customizing every theme they get to see. The result? A damn ugly website.

The more a kid edits, the more he learns and the more website turns beautiful. Well, this is gonna take time. Parents should have that patience and should allow a free room of practice for their kids to learn. Morever, if a parent is himself/herself a WordPressian, its way more easy for a kid to learn WordPress when parents help!

Parents can try their best to teach their kids to build websites with WordPress. After all, Kids are the future of WordPress. Why not see that future now?

Some things you must consider

Remember: If a child is not interested in the stuffs like WordPress and want to do something different in life, it should be parent’s pleasure to let them do so. Kids who already aim for high should not be disturbed by comparing WordPress to their aims because their aims are the ones which makes them brilliant. This article is only meant for an initiative to teach kids WordPress so that they can have a good future ahead. Parents should look that they are not pressurized to learn WordPress or else a kid will hate it.

There are many more things I talked about the title at Wordcamp Nagpur. I’m surely gonna present you the video after it is ready. I also talked about my tech journey at the Wordcamp.

Well, you can read my whole Tech Journey in brief at this HeroPress Article.

At the last of the session, I said this booming and inspiring proverb at the end of my session.

A creative mind and a Lappy in hand, being a programmer, makes a big piece of land!

And I finally concluded my talk with a QnA with audience. Overall, Wordcamp Nagpur was an incredible experience for me.

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