Staring Dragons

Create a Dragon Staring At you!

Want to keep a dragon with you looking at you continuously? Then, this illusion is perfect for you, your home & for surprising people! We’ll tell you ‘how to make it’ and ‘science behind it’. You can also watch about...

/ October 23, 2016
The End of Universe

Ways in which Universe Might End!

Everything which begins has an End. Will this Universe End? If yes, How’ll the Universe End? You’ll get your Answers by some of the theories thought by renowned Scientists. It is found that the Universe is extending every second and...

/ October 22, 2016

The Story of Challenger, Back to 1986

Vision and Mission of launching Challenger in Space The Vision of launching Challenger in space was to make an ordinary Citizen of America to go to Space for the first time in World. Christa McAuliffe was selected for taking her...

/ October 21, 2016
You are welcomed to IQubex!

Indroducing the all new IQubex!

Hi! This is not the first post of IQubex and don’t even think that. The point is that we have just changed the design! And the good news is, I’m writting every blogpost again and this time, I’ll write it...

/ October 17, 2016