About Us


What is IQubex?

IQubex is a blog which would always love to share knowledge to readers. Out of all websites in world, 48.7% websites are blogs which counts a huge number of 4.3 billion blogs on web! But, out of those billions, nearly 50 blogs touch the spotlight of globe. Well, we aren’t one of those 50 and nor even next thousands to it! Here, we focus on writing good content for bloggers on the globe. Many of the starter bloggers make a blog seeing a dream of making it successful. In the way, there are many things needed and to be resolved. IQubex will help everyone who’ll ask for support through Comments and Email.

Why so weird name?

Anyways, we are explaining this because many people were not able to pronounce IQubex. It can be simply pronounced as ‘I-Q-bex‘ 😉 Secondly, we never thought it weird because it simply denotes ‘A Cube of Thoughts‘!


IQubex was founded by Kumar Abhirup on 20th February 2016 at the age of 12! He has just started his blog as a hobby and now he wants his blog to be an epic! Kumar had expertise in developing and designing websites at the age of 11 itself. He studies in a school of Nashik City of India. He was actually known after he attended his first #Wordcamp at Nashik. He had also built some more websites out of which kes.net.in, bebzcozzy.com, mathsbuzzz.weebly.com are awesome!

He actually got an idea of IQubex when he was seeking a blog for bloggers. Though there are many, he thought for adding his talent to web. He is now-a-days focusing more on studies rather than this blog. He typically writes once a week or sometimes he writes according to his mood! He started building IQubex in November 2015 and made ready its first version on 20th Feb. After that, he changed designs to more good extent for nearly three times and then he started blogging on CMS(Content Management System).

On the first year, this blog nearly received 30K unique visitors and is still getting more and more. Hope this website goes forward in the spotlight of the World! – His Mother (Yogita Patil, Co-founder at IQubex)

Everyone is welcomed to IQubex! 🙂