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Tips for winning presentation 0

10 Things you should do to prepare for your Next Presentation

Presentations aren’t always easy, which is why it’s important to get yourself prepared. Although it’s not second-nature to present in front of other people, there are a few things that can prepare yourself for what to expect. Here are a few presentation skills you can take advantage of to better prepare yourself for your next presentation.

Rip Font from any website 8

How to rip font or extract font from any website

Rip font from any website! I got super-crazy after seeing a font on and started researching about that font. I tried writing ‘TheGuardian Font’, ‘TheGuardian Font Family’ on Google, but found nothing. 🙁 So, what’s the solution? I needed it urgent for a project and finally striked with an idea of keeping an eye on the Inspect Element feature of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.