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Blue Whale Myths Busted

Blue Whale game, An urban fake!

While we keep hearing news about the Blue whale game, we get to know about all the levels of this game, how this game hypnotizes teenagers, the history behind it and what not? But, media just lack one statement that...

/ August 20, 2017
Make your first game without code

Make your First Game without any coding and programming efforts!

Just opened up window this morning and thought about an interesting game which doesn't exist. If it doesn't exist, I need to make it. I need it quickly. I need it now. And upon, I don't want to code the...

/ May 15, 2017
How to Run a Successful Clan in Clash of Clans

How to Run a Successful Clan in Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans is a game which is loved by all the ages since 2009. This game is all about making your own village, dominate others, join a team, support a team, attack and defend. How interesting it seems! Isn’t...

/ October 31, 2016