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Best 40 Video Games in 2023

  The video game industry has seen massive growth over the past few years, and 2023 is no exception. With advancements in technology, game developers are able to create more immersive and engaging experiences for players. With so many options...

Voice Chat with Friend in Arena of Valour 0

5 Reasons You Should Join a Guild in Arena of Valor

You might have noticed that Arena of Valor gives you the option to become the part of a guild. If you’ve been playing solo so far, you might wonder what the point is, but there are tangible benefits to joining a guild in AoV. The ability to join a guild is unlocked at level 6.


Indian Education system sucks!

Indian Education System sucks! In this article, I will be completely convincing you to my best strength that how does the Indian Education System murders creativity and logic.

Kids learning to code 2

My session about Teaching WordPress to Kids in Wordcamp Nagpur

Kids are always excited for every new thing they face. They won’t bother whether the thing is going to harm them or not. This is what makes them vulnerable to harmful things. Therefore, parents need to take special care of them. But, what if they face an amazing thing? One would never know when an hobby turned into a livelihood.

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10 Things you should do to prepare for your Next Presentation

Presentations aren’t always easy, which is why it’s important to get yourself prepared. Although it’s not second-nature to present in front of other people, there are a few things that can prepare yourself for what to expect. Here are a few presentation skills you can take advantage of to better prepare yourself for your next presentation.

Blue Whale Myths Busted! 0

Blue Whale challenge game, An urban fake!

While we keep hearing news about the Blue whale game, we get to know about all the levels of this game, how this game hypnotizes teenagers, the history behind it and what not? But, media just lacks one statement that the existence of this game is not yet confirmed! Guessed which game? I’m talking about the Blue Whale Challenge game. In the recent affairs, we often go through its mysterious logo of The humpback whale which is a species of baleen whale.

The difference between Client Side and Server Side 0

The Difference between Server Side and Client Side Explained

Anytime wondered about the difference between Server Side and Client Side? Both the terms have a good recognition in tech industry. But when newbies hear that words, they may end up being confused. In this article, I’m gonna introduce you to the Pros and Cons of Server Side Scripting and Client Side Scripting with a video to figure out exact difference in it with some examples. Saying again, you’ll know The Difference between Server Side and Client Side Scripting!

Challenger Disaster after 73 seconds of launch | Challenger Explosion 2

Space Shuttle Challenger disaster – Back to 1986

The 70’s people remember this incident from a close heart. The Challenger Disaster. Also known as the Space shuttle columbia disaster which made many people lose their lives in 1986. The Vision of launching Challenger in space was to make an ordinary Citizen of America to go to Space for the first time in World. Christa McAuliffe was selected for taking her up to the Space. She was a Beloved and Favourite Teacher of her Students in a school.