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Indian Education system sucks!

Indian Education System sucks! In this article, I will be completely convincing you to my best strength that how does the Indian Education System murders creativity and logic.

Kids learning to code 2

My session about Teaching WordPress to Kids in Wordcamp Nagpur

Kids are always excited for every new thing they face. They won’t bother whether the thing is going to harm them or not. This is what makes them vulnerable to harmful things. Therefore, parents need to take special care of them. But, what if they face an amazing thing? One would never know when an hobby turned into a livelihood.

Pune's Wapu: Wapsara 0

My experience of Wordcamp Pune 2017

After Wordcamp Nashik, the second Wordcamp I attended was Wordcamp Pune (#WCPune). Being an attendee in Wordcamp Nashik, I decided to become a speaker at the moment I was thinking about WCPune. Wordcamp Pune was on 15th January 2017 which brought new joy, new memories and unlimited freshness 🙂

Kumar Abhirup at Wordcamp Nashik 0

My experience at Wordcamp Nashik 2016

Wordcamp was my first formal meetup in my life at the age of 12.9 years. This wordcamp was at Nashik in NEC (Nashik Engineering Cluster) on 16th October, 2016. I’ll also let you know how I came to know about #Wordcamp.