Set your own WordPress Top Left Logo in the Dashboard

WordPress Icon. What do I mean by that? Note*: Here in this article, we no where meant WordPress Icon by Favicon. Clearly stating, its a plugin review… which changes the TopLeft Icon in WordPress Dashboard.

What do we mean by Top Left WordPress Icon?

WordPress Logo

Have you seen that Firey WordPress Top Left Logo?

Here’s what we sincerely meant. Yeah, there’s the WordPress Icon! Here, by each word of “WordPress Icon”, we mean the Top Left Icon you see in the dashboard. We have the firey and fancy one. You may have a normal grey coloured Icon in the Top Left of the Dashboard. How about changing the same icon into your own company logo? Yes, you may do it easily. Here in this article, you’ll get to know about why and how you should change the Top Left Icon in your WordPress Dashboard.

We are habitual of the normal one. Why new?

Well, developers are habitual and they love WordPress. But, clients won’t often love WordPress logo to be featured in the Top Left of the WordPress Dashboard. From a developer perspective, think about how cool it could be, to add your company logo in every WordPress Dashboard they offer? That too… without much coding efforts. We find many plugins which change the personal experience of clients in the dashboard. Such plugins changes the way they navigate and changes the ordinary WordPress Dashboard into an extraordinary one. Many developers satisfy their clients using these customisation plugins. All of these plugins lack one easy feature. The customisation of Top Left WordPress Icon in the dashboard. I am talking about the same WordPress Icon which is the most questioned element on the web page. Can that be changed? Is there a plugin to do so? How much do I need to code to change that small cute Top Left Icon? Here comes WP Iconizer‘s role into the play. Introducing the first ever plugin to change the Top Left WordPress Icon.

WP Iconizer Review

It took me long to introduce this small Light Weight Plugin which sincerely does what it says. It changes the Top Left WordPress Icon of the Dashboard! WP Iconizer plugin is solely made for the purpose of changing the Top Left icon in the WordPress Dashboard. However, it’s later versions may get much more features… but currently, this plugin has aimed itself to change the Icon situated in the Top Left of the WordPress Dashboard. You may see all it’s description, screenshots and usage of the plugin here. So, now you know how this plugin works. Here at IQubex, I’ll analyse the plugin and state its score in every aspect before you. Let us begin.

User Interface

User Interface of this plugin rocks. The CSS styling is just so good and some words aren’t enough to descript. This plugin doesn’t has much features. Just has one feature, so you can apprieciate the plugin very well with the user interface it has right now. So, we rate its User Interface a 5/5!


By flexibilty, we mean the changes you can make in the plugin or the way it works. I found that the plugin doesn’t crop the PNG image you upload and therefore you are forced to upload a 16×16 pixel image. If you uploaded a bigger image, get ready to see your ruined WordPress Dashboard. So, you need to resize your image somewhere else and comeback to upload to the plugin. Simply saying, it lacks flexibilty. Therefore, we rate it 2.4/5 for flexibilty.

Does what it says

Yes. It does what it says. It doesn’t betray you at all. When you activate this plugin, you’ll see that your ordinary WordPress Icon was changed into a firey one. That’s pleasing. It is a simple plugin. Whatever we upload, we get to see it in the Top Left! Therefore, we rate it 5/5 for “Does what it says”.


Security is a major concern for developers but not for clients. Seeing that, WP Iconizer really doesn’t follow normal Security Practises. I didn’t found any kind of WP NONCE in their whole code. Nor any other security measure. Well, this plugin doesn’t need any security limitations because only admins can access this plugin. But, the lack of WP NONCE in the whole source code leans the plugin somewhere in the dark. So, we rated it’s Security a 2.8/5!

Warnings and Instructions

Well, plugin rocks here. As it loses much flexibilty, it has given strong instructions about what image should be uploaded and what should not be. Its stated everywhere that if the instructions aren’t followed, the plugin isn’t responsible for ruining WordPress Dashboard for ever! We give it’s instructions a 5/5! LOL.

Helpful Support

Last but not the least. This plugin offers free support to all the plugin users. However problems it may have, if support is there… Admin shouldn’t worry! I haven’t experienced support anytime but the plugin claims that users can contact to solve any kind of issue regarding this plugin. So, we rate it’s support a 4/5!

And now you must have recognised after seeing the support email. This plugin is made by me. πŸ˜€ Laugh out Loud because it’s me who will try his best to solve queries regarding this plugin. Just email me at and it’s done. I’ll come! Please feel free to post feedback about this plugin here.

This was the review. Hope to see you next time. Good Bye πŸ˜‰

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